Haven't received tracking number or update

Order #9825, made on Sept 23

Hi, I haven’t gotten an email confirming shipment of my xM1 or with a tracking number. I’m making a trip to see a piercer in a week and a half and an getting nervous that I won’t receive it in time. Can you help me find it? Thanks!

Hey there… we have chips but won’t have them in injectors until later this month. Likely shipping date is first week of November. However, if you are scheduling with a professional, I could ship you just the chip now and you could have the professional install it with thier own needle and taper. Let me know if that’s what you’d like to do.

Hey Amal, I do have it scheduled with a professional — if you think it’s likely that they’ll be able to do it without the injector then yes, I’d like you to send just the chip. If it’s iffy, I’ll wait and schedule another trip for later in the year.

I do feel like it’s worth notifying customers when the product they’ve bought won’t ship for six weeks, as it would have helped me better plan my appointment.

Reflecting, my reply was more curt than I intended. Thanks so much for your help with this Amal, I’m very excited to have the xM1 implanted.

hey no problem… I can ship just the chip to you today and email you tracking info. I will place it inside a plastic tube with chlorhexidine so the artist can just empty the contents to a sterile field and let dry a minute or two before installation.

I’ve also updated the product page to reflect that we don’t yet have a firm shipping date. Sorry about that… I always seem to put my foot in my mouth when I start setting ship dates. It’s always later than expected.

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Ok, you should have received tracking info from stamps.com. Check your junk folder if not.

Got it, thanks Amal!

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