Having my NeXT installed in a couple hours

Hi everyone! I made a post about getting a first chip awhile back here

Well life happened and I only recently actually ordered the NeXT, which I received today!

I already contacted a tattoo/body piercing shop about having it installed and have an appointment in a couple hours.

This shop seemed pretty interested in the whole thing, which does not seem like the norm from what I’ve read on here. They’re actually doing mine for FREE, because the owner told me since they’ve never done one of these before they don’t want me to be out any more money if something does go awry, he said they did the same thing when they started doing subdermal implants and did the first few for free, and he really just wants to see what it’s all about.

So I figured I’d ask them about being added to the partner map when I go in today, but I wasn’t entirely sure where I should direct them to get in contact with DT.

Shop is located in Owensboro, KY. FYI


@amal @tac0s should be able to sort you out

do you have all the how to guides?
like these

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Yes I gave them all of those guides back on Tuesday so they would have time to look them over. :slight_smile:


200w (17)


Standard advice
Make sure to remove safety clips
Expect it to be unreadable for a week or 2, everyone knows this and still freaks out anyways… it’s just the right of passage
Ice and elevate after helps get it to chill out,
Insert needle PULL BACK A BIT and then push injector

Have some decent food and caffeine before hand to help reduce your body freaking out

I like to do acetaminophen before and nsaid when I get home… the acetaminophen before is either placebo or possibly helps prevent


This. Two out of three of my x-series installs this happened. If your installer picks up the injector with the intention of stabbing, the first thing they should do is remove the clip. It’s awkward having them pull the clip when the needle is at depth.


I appreciate the pointers! I was planning on having them talk me through the whole process before the bag gets opened. That way I’ll know they’ve read everything and have an idea of what they’re doing.

Currently sitting in the parking downing an energy drink haha🙃


Im sure it will go well.

If you are allowed to record it.
We would be happy to give pointers to the installer if required.

Even if you dont share publically.
You could send it to Amal to do the same.
He will give constructive feedback to the installer to improve their process


They’re all pretty excited, I think they’re will be more than one recording.

They just ask if they could record as I was typing this lol


How did it go?
All done?


Sorry I got home and started setting up and playing with the proxmark and totally forgot to follow up here!

It went well as far as I can tell. Pain really wasn’t bad at all, gauging my ears honestly was worse than the NeXT.

So I guess I’m officially a cyborg now. :grin:


Well not just yet

One of us 1

NOW you are




Soooo I’m actually able to get reads off of it already! I’ve been keeping ice on it and I’m pretty lean anyway (6ft 4 in and 150 lbs) so idk if that’s why, but already able to clone my work badge over to the lf side.


HAHAHA, You are not the first to be prematurely excited.

I don’t speak gibberish measurements, but from what I can roughly work out, you are about 193cm (same as Amal) and about 70kg (not the same as Amal)

Being super skinny may well work in your favour, but swelling that will be inevitable may or may not affect you, time will tell.

I’m excited for you.

Have you checked the readers antenna location?
xFD’s are great for this


Yea according my doctor I’m less than 10 pounds from being “underweight”. :upside_down_face:

I’m pretty sure these are the readers work has https://www.hidglobal.com/products/rp40

I haven’t been to work since i got the field detectors, but the readers will scan our badges a solid 2 inches away, so hopefully even with the inevitable swelling they’ll still be able to read it.

If not then at least I got to verify everything is working with it. That at least puts my own anxieties at ease.

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50mm is a good sign

Those are multiclass, which means it can read both HF and LF
The one issue you may find is, the reader may try to read the HF side of your NExT.

At a guess, (You will be able to confirm with your xFD’s), the LF side will be around the perimeter and the HF inside of that,
Your best bet (my best guess) is to swipe from the outside in, NOT inside out nor present to the middle

Try swiping like this


and start off

S L O W L Y !!!

You will learn the best approach through practice and it will become muscle memory

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I guess I am one of the lucky ones as I have never failed to get a read on any of my 3 implants at any point.


Me too and there are a few of us, but MOST have some sort of issue.
I hope @Absolutezero91 joins our ranks


Just checked again, so far so good!!

It’s about bed time here though, I’ll check again in the morning and report back, might drop by work just to check if I can get through the doors there to.