Healing Research

** follow your locations laws ***
** these are dangerous things are not intended for human consumption ***

I installed my Next (R-hand between thumb and pointer) and Xg3 ( blade of R-hand) 9 days ago
No prenatal? Or colllegen
I am however conducting research with Ostarine and Cardarine About 4 weeks ago and have noticed my next Is great. First day it moved about 3.5mm and hasn’t moved since
The Xg3 did the same moved maybe 4-5 mm
And has settled.

Neither are sore at all the only discomfort in the last 2 days was a neodymium magnet in my pocket snapping to the Xg3. All is good it’s solid but pulling it of was slightly tender

As I’m typing this I’m trying to push the Xg3 forward and back down the wound channel created by the needle and it’s all good

Tonight was my first night back at ju jitsu
Took it easy and got progressively more involved with the right hand. Everything feels good nothing moved or rotated according to my marks

I don’t know what people spend for healing benefits Or what different country’s regulation of these items are but I think the general consensus here is improving the human condition.


This is nice to know, I have been considering getting an xG3 in the knife edge of my left hand, and was wondering how it may affect being physically active.

What do you use your xG3 for?

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Hopefully. Sensing electrical fields. Or at least that was the intent I work around high voltages

But since as of now I don’t think there are enough nerve endings for it to be as sensitive as a finger tip.
I actually use it ALOT to hold screws lol. I know that sounds lame or excessive to get an implant.

Beware SCRAPING or leveraging against a hard surface will stil be sensitive for a while


I just got a xG3 implanted on the edge of my left ring finger. You basically cant use your finger for at least 1,5 week.

I use mine for exploration and as a party trick :smile:


hmmm, do you care to expand on this?

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So far I just love to see what I can interact with. Here the other day I figured out why magnetic board cleaners are always clean in the middle :joy:

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Have you tried your hand [Pun] at art? :art:


OMG i didnt even think about those! i have to try that now!

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