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Hello! I work for a network of cancer hospitals to evaluate new opportunities that improve care delivery, patient experience, etc. I am familiar with using RFID implants as a replacement for identification purposes and access, but am wondering what other opportunities may be out there.

Any creative ideas you are willing to share?



Off the top of my head one thing comes to mind in regards to security and tracking employee ID for access to med carts into a central data base you could have the being used as an identifier to login to the hub that controls the lock on the cart record the employees id along with a date and time stamp have the controlled substance containers TagInfo log activity…
My apologies if you were already alluding…
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Depending on the compression/coding scheme you could conceivably have a patients whole medical history on their implant.

If that proved to be impractical you could at least have name, DOB, allergies, emergency contact info, current meds, problematic diagnoses (such as alzheimers) and insurance info in plain text. WAY more convenient than asking a wandering geriatric for their allergy list before you shot them up with penicillin.

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Hi @mattmax,

Let’s chat. We are launching VivoKey Technologies to explore these and other applications. I will contact you directly.


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