Hello from Dangerous Things! A limited supply of XM1+ are available for reservation on our website

As promised to a lot of you, I’m alerting you to the xM1+ availability. The supply we have is extremely limited and the costs associated with ensuring their integrity was more than we bargained for causing us to raise the price from $79 to $120.

I know this may be a hardship for some of you, but we were well into the xM1+ salvage project before it became apparent our former retail price would be surpassed by our fully burdened cost due to the testing, inspection, sterilization, then testing and inspecting once again for this round. Again, please accept our apologies for the price increase.

If you remain interested, I am sharing this news with people from our forum who have contacted us directly about the product and alerting them to the option we just published on our website of reserving a unit in advance of it shipping on July 26th. This is because we only have a total of 65 outside of those reserved for previous purchasers.


As you can appreciate, We have been able to salvage a VERY limited number of chips from our initial batch which have tested successfully using a ProxMark3 as gen1 (supports the “Chinese back door” feature).

However, unlike our other implantable products, we cannot guarantee with any certainty, the reliable operation of the silicon chip inside the xM1+. This is because the inherent nature of the chip’s design is to emulate the function of a legitimate product produced by a reputable company. As a result, the producers of such chips are not generally concerned with quality manufacturing techniques, bug detection and resolution, or customer support. For this reason, we are opting not to warrant operation of the product, and we are also limiting this offering to the fully tested stock we have on hand only. No new xM1+ chips will be produced after this inventory is expected to be sold.

Again, If you remain interested, I’d encourage you to reserve one through purchase on our website since it was just published:

As mentioned previously, the units will begin shipping the 26th of July.

My best,

M Danger

Just bought mine! I probably will wait a while until I remove the Gen 2 XM1+ I have implanted unless I find a good place to implant it. I have a chip in Both hands and one in my armpit. Thanks for all the hard work on bringing back a limited supply!

The Gen2 chips may make for “valuable legacy chips” at some point, so don’t toss it away!
There are plenty of new access systems that won’t allow Gen1 chips since the systems check the “responds to magic command” functionality to identify copied chips.