Hello I want to chip myself

Hi everyone,

I have been thinking of the chip for a long time but it’s because in my country it is hard to reach. I have some questions and please answer. Is it better to have NFC and RFID chip in both hands or NExT in one hand?

The second thing that interests me if and how they have many layers? I mean if I want to have data in the chip to pay and open the door, I have to program every time data that I want to use, or can I add several uses at once?

For example I want to use it as a my Visa card and Bitcoin payments and open door to my house and maybe few more. Do I have to choose or all that can be stored in the chip at once ?

Thank You in advance.


Unfortunately the Visa stuff isn’t really a possibility yet do to bureaucratic shenanigans at play, hopefully Fidesmo and the VivoKey FlexOne will answer those prayers.

As for multiple functions it kind of depends on how you’re doing it. For a lot of access control systems they just read your implant’s UID and not any of the data past that. In those cases there’s no trouble with having it open that lock and store something like a bitcoin key at the same time since the bitcoin key doesn’t care much about the UID and the lock doesn’t care about the data.

When it comes to things that both read the data it gets a lot trickier and you’re generally limited to one thing at a time. A lot of NFC apps will let you do some really basic IF/ELSE logic though which can help squeeze a little more utility out while not having to constantly reprogram, but I haven’t dabbled with that enough to know what all it can do and I’m not sure how well that would transfer to someone else’s device if they don’t have the same app installed.

As for getting two implants instead of one, it’s your call. You don’t get worse read ranges from an NExT compared to an xNT or xEM so unless you’ve got a specific use case in mind that would be easier with them on different hands there isn’t much point in doing them separate as far as I can tell.