Hello! I'm very new to this scene, and probably should've done more research!


Well, I did it… I purchased & “installed” the NExT RFID + NFC implant.

I mainly purchased the implant to act as a unique business card, as I’m a tattoo artist, the body mod aspect definitely fit my style.

I’m using nfc tools pro, have a few tasks going such as a quick short cut for my flashlight, url to a Rick Roll, my portfolio url…

That being said, I’m only able to do one at a time… I knew upon purchase that only one URL was able to be applied, but I figured the “tasks” would work in the same type of way unlocking a door with the implant would work.

In order for a task to go through, I have to download a second app. I put my portfolio url on, and tried to apply the task. Figured the url would work on everyone else’s phone, where as the task would only apply to my phone. This is not the case, instead it completely removes the url and only making the task available.

As said before I’m very new to this scene. I definitely should’ve took a few tech classes before hand, but I’m open to learning, that’s why I turn to all of you, if you’d be so kind to help me out lol

I’m guessing the task work the same as the url, but I also watched a fellow on YouTube plug in a task that allowed him to pay with eth through his implant, his task list was by far bigger then mine, definitely knows what Their doing lol.

If anyone has any suggestions, or tips that would be very user friendly, would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for reading! Hope to hear back soon!


Firstly, congrats on a successful installation!


So, to be honest, the task functionality in NFC Tools is kind of terrible…

I’m assuming you’re on Android, if you are, the app Tasker is fantastic, and it can do exactly what you’re mentioning. You would have your portfolio URL written to the implant (using NFC Tools), but when scanned on your phone in particular, with Tasker installed, it would execute whatever tasks you’ve setup. On anyone else’s phone, it would open your portfolio.

Tasker is super extensible, and people here have done some crazy things with it.

If you search Tasker on the forum, you can find some useful posts on setting up various functions. For basic stuff, like turning on your flashlight, it’s quite easy.

I wish there was a free app to recommend, but AFAIK, Tasker is the only one that comes close.

If you happen to be on an iPhone (not sure if NFC Tools even has tasks on iOS), the shortcuts app can provide a lot of the same functionality. More info on that can be found on the forum as well, with a search.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask away :blush:


Thank you very much!

Definitely wasn’t expecting a reply back so fast so thank you very much in that end!!

I am on android. I was actually just looking into Tasker, just to make sure the maker of the app is ‘joaomgcd’?
so pumped to hear that it will work…

Definitely gonna be looking into more Tasker forms from what I can tell might be a bit of a tricky app😅 but again, thank you very much!!

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Some of us never sleep, and we’re pretty spread out across the globe :grin: makes for good response times haha


It’s a little overwhelming, simply because it can do so much, but it’s not too bad.

The main thing you need to know is, make a profile, hit event, search for ‘nfc’ at the bottom, and hit NFC Tag. Then, next to ID, it has a little search icon. Hit that, then scan your implant. It might ask you to format it, just hit no.

Basically, your implant has something commonly called a UID. You can think of it like the serial number of your implant. It’s written in from the factory, and it’s unchangeable (on the NExT anyways).

While NFC Tools tries to write actual data to your implant about your task (replacing your data), Tasker can simply use that UID, while allowing you to keep the data on your implant to be whatever you want. After scanning the implant and pressing no at the format prompt, it should show a 14 digit hexadecimal number, with the bottom box likely empty. That hexadecimal number is your UID. Hit back, and now that should be saved under profiles.

It should then ask you to set up a task, and this is where you can set whatever you want. Flashlight toggle, open a web page, etc. It’ll take a lot of experimenting to learn, but it’s crazy what you can do :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the club :upside_down_face:

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Yeah tasks are a NFC Tools thing, it will only work for people who have NFC Tools Tasks App installed.
So NFC Tasks executes the code on the NFC chip afaik.
Tasker stuff is saved on your phone, so it will never work elsewhere.

This might not be exactly what you want to do, but there is some great info in it that may help you overcome your roadblock

otherwise there are a few other good examples s altered throughout the forum.

You have the first part done! The profile is basically a “link” to a task (if an NFC tag with X ID is scanned, preform Y task). What you’ll want to do is hit new task and give it a name. Once you’re in the menu to edit the task, hit the big plus button and search for torch. Just set it to toggle! You can test your task by hitting the little play button in the bottom left. Do note though that in order to actually save the task, you have to back out to the main menu and hit the checkmark in the top right section.

Here’s a link to an NFC task that I made that you can import and look through if you want to learn a bit more about how tasker works. If you look at the profiles section, you’ll see that it triggers when any tag is scanned. From there it will execute the “Handle Tag” task. All that task does is check to see if the ID of the tag that was just scanned matched the %IDs variable in the “vars” section. If it does, I want to initiate a Bluetooth connection (it’s set to connect me to my earbuds rn). If the ID doesn’t match, it will run the “Write UID” task, which takes the ID of the tag, acts as a keyboard, and types out the UID, followed by a new line.


Absolutely perfect, I was able to do it…

Definitely gonna need some practice before trying to preform a script like yours, but Definitely a good start​:pray::pray:

Once again thank you guys soo freaking much!


Anytime! Tasker’s not super difficult once you get the hang of it, but there’s definitely a learning curve.

You could use a normal ndef vcard, export the contact, save it on the chip.
Opens the contact on your phone, saves them on others.

But if you want the tasker/tasks option, idk can’t help.

I figured this part out just now :man_facepalming:newbie error :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

It was compose sms-[contacts name]
I originally thought this would take me to a blank page, as it does this when I try creating a route to open with phone number.

Thank you for the idea though, do really appreciate it :pray::pray:

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