Run tasker task on my phone, and Rickroll others

Has anyone has figured out a way of having a uri record on a tag do the normal thing of launching it on other phones, but have it run a tasker task on my phone

I have an NExT and 2 profiles I have set up to put on it:

  • Unlock phone (using tasker and AutoInput on rooted Pixel 4a)
  • Rickroll / link to my website

and I want to do both.

I imagine this could be done with an app that puts the phone into reader mode, but it would need another hack to keep it active when the app is in the background (and on the lock screen)

I’ve never successfully used tasker yet, but doesn’t it just recognize tags that are programmed in? If so, you should be able to save the rickroll of your choice to the tag in a standard ndef record and then program that whole chip into tasker, then if that task isn’t present on a different phone, tasker won’t trigger and the system will handle the ndef as usual

But, if I’m miss-remembering and tasker has you put something on the tag, then that probably won’t work
I would play with the order of things in the tag though, try swapping the tasker record and the ndef around to see if you can alter the load order and make it work

Good luck either way!

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Phones only read the first record unless an app specifically requests others, unfortunately, and it seems like it might work but I think the OS reads the tag and decides what to do and tasker only sees that a tag was scanned if I write text or a tasker specific record to it

You can pretty easily do that. I have a url record on my next, but when I scan it, I have tasker basically act as a kbr1. Just add a NFC tag event under the profiles section. You can have it react to any tag, or only your specific UID.

Tasker prefers to write something to the tag iirc, but you can have it react based solely off the UID.


I did it! I had to go into settings > tasker > more > set as default > always


Sure: simply use the chip’s ID in your custom tasker script.

Here for example is how I use my flexM1 as a token to unlock my banking app with Tasker. The flexM1 is normally used to unlock my house’s front door. But if I scan it on my phone, the Tasker script picks up the UID, does some math on it and extracts my banking app’s PIN from it:

You can also get Tasker to read the content of the tag and do things with it. I suppose in your case, if it finds “Astley” somewhere in the URI, it can do special actions or something.

Are you able to upload the script you used to accomplish this task…

I’m having a very hard time navigating takser, I’m Able to create and event, add my nfc… but once it prompts me to create a task, I’m absolutely lost.

Whether it be to access my email by scanning my implant, or turning on/off my flashlight with my implant.

I am unable to make tasker default, so it will only open my NFC tools link, not sure if I have to scan the tag again on tasker to write it on my implant. Or if this is automatically done through the app.

I’m using the NExT implant.

If someone is able to script me a simple code doing either of these, would be absolutely amazing…

I have searched through the forums, this post seems to be a little more user friendly, where as the others go right over my head.

Thank you for you’re time!!

I responded to a few things in the other thread, but I’ll respond to these questions here for future users.

You’ll want to do what @non-bin suggested. settings > tasker > more > set as default > always. You might not have that exact wording, but your system settings should be fairly similar.

Nothing is written to the implant. Tasker will probably complain about formatting, but just hit no and you’ll be fine. All tasker is doing is checking to see if the ID of the scanned tag matches the one you selected. If so, run the associated task.

I’m sure you’ve already seen it, but if anyone else has this issue as well, check the linked thread at the top of this comment :wink:

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Hi everyone,
just to understand, if everything is correct.
i have a NEXT system and android phone

i would like with my smartphone to open link A
but with other people’s smartphone, open link B

right now with NFC tool pro i have programmed link B like this:

then with Tasker I created this profile (event):

and associated this activity (action) with LINK A:

but when I unlock the smartphone and pass the chip under the phone, it starts link B, why don’t I start link A ?

in the settings of my smartphone I did this, in accessibility it is like this:

Inside applications in Tasker I have this:

what am i doing wrong ?
thanks to all

Hi @non-bin,
can i ask your help to make taseker and second function (private) work for my smartphone

thank you

I think you need to go into the Tasker app preferences and clear default opening preferences

I don’t know if that’s what your screenshots say. You get to that through
settings > apps > tasker

I’ve got notifications off so make sure to tag me

Hi @non-bin,
exactly as per my image sent in the previous post:
settings > apps > tasker>set it as default


i have this as your screenshot.

but according to you TASKER i set it properly to make my smartphone open the correct link ?

Hi everyone,
I fixed it as simple as possible.

I installed another browser (opera browser)

when i scanned the chip, i got the prompt to open with:
-samsung internet

I chose tasker always and now it always opens the “private” LINK

the other phones open the public link :slight_smile:

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Great job :clap: