Help a new guy out, what chip do I want?

Hello and welcome! First off we need a little more info and one implant may not be able to do everything you want.

Let’s break this down:

what card do you use at work? Can you try and scan it with your phone using an app called taginfo. Can you post a picture of the badge? (Have you got an iPhone or android?)

Not really possible how most people think, your options are either crypto currency cold storage or getting a payment microcard from your bank (if the do it, it looks like an overgrown sim card) and having that converted by DT.

That ones nice and easy pretty much any HF (13.56MHz tag will allow this) the data is stored on the tag (may even be able to use the same tag for access depending on the acces control)

yes they are and great fun, options for this are xleds (HF or LF) or a xSIID which is a HF tag that could also be used for contact info.


Not readable from app

Assume standard rfid

Can you further explain payment stuff?

The best way to sum it up is with what @amal just posted in another thread…

Basically, its not up to you to choose novelty over security. I get the impulse, but the payment networks own the keys to the kingdom and they don’t accept ‘novelty’ in place of their cryptographic security.

VivoKey Apex is looking to be the first implant that will actually support payment eventually, but its still a little while off.

There are also the options that @Devilclarke mentioned. DT can convert a micro bank card to an implant if you can get one. It’s a custom service, single purpose implant, that will still have an expiry date when it becomes useless. And if the bank finds out about it they might cancel it on the spot.

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I also want a layman’s section. I would say I am currently more or an end user than I am knowledgeable a power user. I dove in and got the implants and am forcing myself to learn.


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That’s because you want a chip but you don’t need one :slight_smile:

This HID card should be cloneable by either the xEM or FlexEM. The NExT implant contains an xEM and an xNT so you could get this work card and something to hold contact info


As a recent implantee, I would agree with the above…
But the addictive personality side of me goes right to the – Why pick just one?
They might be more like PokeMon - gotta implant em all :smirk:
I bet like me you will find things in your life that this technology can improve.
1: xSLX - Quicklock doorlock, lockdown your lab, gunbox2.0 secure a pistol.
2: Spark2 - get into the VivoKey ecosystem - the Authentication piece for the forum makes me wish everything could be that easy (and I am a System Admin) - plus the profile when scanning is really slick
3: NeXT - potential clone-ability and prank links… or the xAC(v2)
4: xLED (HF) - because why not! I might not have my HF Field detector in my pocket.
(I already have a plan to get the Apex line when it is out)
I have always “trusted my technolust” as it is.
I claim to be OK with needles, but when I think about it too long… I become very Trypanophobic
and it really isn’t that bad – remember to eat, breathe and take your prenatal vitamins :wink:

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Just to break down how the other guys worked this out for you

Good chance it is LF ( 125kHz ) because you phone uses HF 13.56MHz via NFC

This is a misnomer, RFID is many things, It is RFID but there is no “standard” RFID as such,
There are many place in this forum where this is covered but @leumas95 improved one that I did to explain it, here

Good chance we are talking 125kHz
I think there are some iClass HID that are HF, but realistically as @Locutus mentioned, you are pretty much at least in the market for the EM implants, and an HF for your business card.

My personal recommendation for you would be a NExT

For an LED, that is another discussion, depending on how you want to use it.
I would also recommend you get some more reading under your belt, faqs, info, and Wikis a great place to start.

which chip should I get.… (The clue is in the name)
Where to put it

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I want this section too but for now, we have an amazing community which is better in a lot of cases

Work badge emulation could be a couple of different chips depending on the badge system they use. Without any more info, I would say a NExT if your best bet. (Someone else confirmed that it will work) You could also use a flexEM or xEM but I recommend the NExT because its an easy install and it is actually 2 chips in the space of one! not only does it have the ability to clone your work badge, but…

The NExT also has an NFC chip as well! that means that with the one implant you get your work badge, contact info (or whatever else you want on the NFC side), and it only takes up one spot in your hand.
There are other options for storing info for NFC if you want more storage space, others have mentioned some of them, but then you don’t have both functions in one needle so that’s up to what you prefer (storage space vs hand space).

Payment (as others have said) is a tricky subject. Currently, there is no good way to do this other than crypto. HOWEVER, the apex series is a new set of implants that is planned to have this capability, and its supposedly coming ‘very soon’ :tm:. (was scheduled for early summer but got delayed a bit)

As for blinky fun, you also have several options. You could get one of the xLED ones that just light up when near a reader and implant that next to one of your other ones, or if you decide to get a separate chip for nfc storage you could go for an xSIID chip which is an nfc storage with a built in led.

Let me know if i missed something, Im usually a lurker here so helping people is new for me.

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Great break down buddy, ya nailed it!

The search function is generally pretty reliable , @Eriequiet if you search xSIID (SIID) and also xLED you will find alot of good info to help you make your “Blinky” decision

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I have nothing more to add just to say thanks all I went to bed lol.

Also if you do find you’re interested in a few different implants. We’ve just released a custom package builder so you’re able to pick and choose which implants you want bundled with various accessories.

@darius’ list of implants sums up the issue pretty well. There are dozens if not hundreds or thousands of door systems on the market, made by a large collection of companies, all with different design goals. I could put up a ‘for dummies’ page that tells you that an xM1 opens the doors at my work - but that doesn’t help you. Any ‘for dummies’ post we could make would have to include so much info to be useful that it falls into the same trap as most of what you’ve seen around here can - so much info its hard to take in!

We try to write clear and concise #info:wikis on different topics to collect information together, its a bit of reading and a learning curve, but that generally works better - and where it doesn’t, the forum is a great place to ask for personal advice as you have done.

That’s the great thing about standards, there are so many to choose from! And if you don’t like them you can just make another one!

I agree with @Pilgrimsmaster - a NExT sounds like a great place to start. The LF side will work with your access system once cloned by someone with a Proxmark (if you can’t find someone and don’t want to learn how to clone yourself, DT also offer a cloning service you can buy and send your card in for @amal to pre-program your implant!)

(Confirmed by this HID application note that explains the markings on your card - its a DuoProx II or ISOProx II card)

And since its a 2-in-1 chip, you’ve still got the HF side to play with, which is one of the most widely compatible NFC chips there is for sharing business cards, links, you name it!

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Where does the xSIID NFC + LED fall in here?
(Erie like pretty blinky thing lol)

I’m trying to read and absorb as much as I can so I appreciate your understanding in dealing with questions you probably get often, I’m just not seeing everything when I search

With the hid prox card stuff, can you write/clone more than one uid to a chip?
(Still not entirely sure the difference between cloning and emulation)

Such as, If I’m issued a prox card from my gym, one from my work, and one for my gun club
(All appears to be HID prox)
Can I have one single chip spit out all 3 uid when scanned?
Or will the reader interpret 2/3 uid as wrong and fail the interaction?

Or, am I going to need a chip for each Uid?

I understand I could get the admin of each facility to add my existing chips uid to the system, but all 3 I get the feeling wouldn’t fully understand what I’m asking to do… or knee jerk reject it out of ignorance/fear of it being “less safe” (lol)

I’d rather skip getting people involved and just make my chip clone/emulate/simulate/ the existing cards I have

Other question, nfc
Can someone either point me or explain what I’m really looking for for nfc? I’m seeing different standards and getting lost there

At this point I’m thinking I’ll do one chip just for vCard / cell phone sillyness,
And one for lf rfid (prox card?)
but want to make sure I get the appropriate one

Other people can address your questions better than me, but;

Then you’ll want the NExT - it’ll do both of those things :slight_smile:
(so long as your work/gym/gun club tags are compatible)

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Unfortunately not, you can change what’s on your low frequency tag (xEM, NExT, or flexEM) but it’ll only ever hold one at a time.

If your gym, work, and gun club are in fact all using HID cards and you don’t mind carrying something you could combine all of your cards on to this key fob.

Not as convenient as an implant but it’ll hold 4 low frequency cards.

Okay well at least now I understand that limitation

But I could use a single UID and get all 3 to add me to their systems right?
Is that usually pretty hard or easy?

I was thinking a xEM in my left hand knife edge
I don’t need anything complicated if I’m just going to do a HID prox uid right?

And a xSIID NFC + LED in the default position 0 thumb webbing
Gives me the ability to read/write from my phone and do vcards or silly shenanigans and a led

I’m not finding a whole lot of info in the xSIID
It’s nfc type 2… is that backwards compatible with everything before? There IS a warning about memory storage and stuff but I’m not fully sure if that applies to me or not

Correct, as long as they are all using the same system.
So best case, all three use the same system and you can enrol the same UID for all.
Next best is, only two will allow you to enroll, then the one that doesn’t, you write the UID for their access to you xEM, and then that same UID you will enroll in the other two.

Depends on your approach and their attitude.
But the ACTUALL enrolling, no, generally as simple as enrolling a card or fob how they normally do. otherwise just giving them the xEM UID to manually enroll.
Pretty easy.
Realistically, the hardest bit will be the explaining and convincing.
Arm yourself with knowledge to answer their questions and have counter points to their possible issues. (more secure because you can’t lose it, you can’t lend it, they have the control and can cancell it the same as any card/fob, they save money because you bring your own “card”, it is the way of the future :mechanical_arm:

An xEM and the xSIID will do everything you want.
Don’t get bogged down with the NFC types.
The xSIID will highly likely work with your phone…(to confirm, what phone do you have)

Memory storage of the xSIID still works, but I believe a solution is still being worked on in the background to be able to fully access the user storage memory.
It still works, but using the phone app (TagWriter etc.) NDEF data is limited to half of the available storage.

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To confirm iPhone XR
I’ve seen the thread and video about iPhone read angle

I use Apple Pay fairly frequently so I already picked up on that angle from normal use

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Seems everyone has jumped in with some useful answers again, so I haven’t got too much to add.

A lot of people do have dedicated implants for different purposes but you can combine. I have a NExT for my personal uses (home, car, garage), an xEM for the gym, and an xM1 for work.

For work I went with cloning instead of enrolling - we’re a large business with thousands of employees and our security is contracted out - didn’t like my chances of making friends, they are pretty strict on their policies.

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