Help- can’t pay on this scanner

Using the x field detector I can see the induction coil is around the perimeter of the screen but I cannot get the payment to go through.

Any thoughts? Advice?

What implant?
Have you tried it on the corner in different angles?
Depending on the position, you might have to approach the reader from an angle so you can twist your implant in the perfect spot.

Have you picked up the reader and moved it instead of the implant? Might be easier to find a spot.

This can mean multiple things, does it not get read physically or is there a technical error?

I assume the first one, but if it repeatedly says “Error” then it’s not the implants form factor, these cards just cant pay at that terminal… been there too :confused:

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It’s basically a walletmor implant.

Yes I picked up the scanner and moved it about a bit. Didn’t spend ages on it tbh as it’s a bit embarrassing when it doesn’t work but I’ll go and have another go in an hour or so.

The xfd lights when perpendicular to the edge so does that mean the implant also needs to be perpendicular?

Most scanners seem to work at the corner with the implant at 45 degrees but doesn’t work here.

The edge bit is raised so also tried the side which again didn’t work

No errors or indication that it almost connected

Nothing at all

Got it to work

Too right corner but with the edge raised I need to place the implant close to the screen which requires a little bit of careful positioning but worked first time