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I’m very new to all this but I’m very interested In learning. I was hoping to get help with chooseing which implants to buy and wondering if they are capable of doing what I want them to do. I’m looking for an Implant that can store information like medical info, passport copy, ID Copy, SSN, etc. and have it be protected by a password before being opened. I’m also really interested in an implant that can be used copy multiple key cards (like my apartment door) or one that can copy my debit card (or prepaid Visa card to be safer) to make payments wirelessly (I say this online in a video and instantly knew I wanted to be able to do this). And one last thing I was wonder if was possible was to get an implant that served kind of like a password holder so that instead of inputing passwords manually I just scan and it fills in my information. And one final thing I was wonder if was possible is if I can receive payment through my implant. I did a lot of selling on sites like offer up and others similar to it and it would be awesome if an implant would let me accept payments.

I’d just like to say again that I’m very new to all this but highly interested in everything I have seen people do with these Implants. I would really appreciate the help. And if anyone has other implant recommendations they have and could give me a simpler explanation on their capabilities are and all the cool stuff they can do, I would also love to read all about that. I apologize for not being as educated on all this but I really do find it fascinating and would love to learn more. I’m also fine with getting multiple implants if need in order to be able to do everything I want to do with the implants. Please let me know if it’s even possible at the moment to do those things with the implants.

Thank you.

I saw you previous thread, and there was quite a lot to unpack, and it is going to take some time to answer you.

In the interim, have a read of this below, while you are reading that I will provide you some answers / links to address your quiestions, and meet you back here when you are ready

I’ll break these questions down into bite size pieces as I have time for and allow others to jump in with answers / comments

Storing Data

Storing of info is easy, it really depends on how much you want to store, and there are a couple of was to go about it.
I am assuming you want an offline storage, rather than just a linking to a cloud/ server etc.
When you start talking about storing images, you are looking at something like the very SOON™ to be released Vivokey Apex , or the FlexDF2 / xDF2 / FlexDF

and this link should help

if you are talking about just text type files, something like the NExT Implant, xNT, FlexNT might do you, But if you also want Blinkies :blinky_green: the an xSIID is what you will be after.

Check out TagWriter and NFC Tools to get an idea of what you can write to them…


The problem here is, the chip design is intended for the easy transmission of information, so if there is a compatiable reader asking for info, your implant is designed to freely give up that info to whoever is asking.

You can protect the ability to write, but not the ability to read.
That being said, and especially is true of the smaller xSeries implants, the reader needs to be in VERY close Proximity to actually read the implant.

So it is highly unlikey that anybody could read that implant without you knowing about it, and even less so if you don’t tell people where to look and how to read it.

Obviously some stuff like passwords, SSN etc you could obfusciate
eg. simply by transposing a couple of characters

Multi Access / Multi Cards

This is tricky without more information.

so can you tell us what type of cards / fobs etc you have, and what technolgy they are using.

Use TagInfo to determine your HF Cards, Photos of cards / fobs /readers etc

Until then we can only help generically rather than specifically for you, so the more info you can provide, the easier, and faster we can help you.

I’'l leave this here as a potential placeholder to an answer

Also a NExT implant maybe a good option…but again, we need more info.

Implant Payment

Unfortunately, the Big Credit Card companies are not readily coming to the implant to pay party.
So the most viable option at the moment, depends on where you live in the world.

THIS explains more and your options


Well, sorta kinda maybe not really but yeah…

So basically, you could set your password as the UID of an HF Implant and a KBR1 reader.

Which is not exactly the bestest of security
But you could tweak that with a combination of Word or phrase and UID

You can easily Use an implant to login to a computer again with an HF Implant and a KBR1 reader or ARC122U and a programme like RoHOS


The VK APEX implants when officially released may has a password mananager similar to KEEPASS


I cant personally think of a way to do that.

The closest, but still doesn’t answer your question, is a cold storage solution for crypto


I know this can all be ovewhelming, which is why I have tried to break it down for you.

At least you can see there are some solutions for you,
What I recommend you do now.
Narrow down what cards/ fobs you are currently using.
You mentioned apartment,
Do you have a work access card?
Bat Cave?

  • Download TagInfo
  • Scan those cards
  • If you get results, then we have a good starting point
  • If it doesnt scan, that is not a bad thing, In fact it is often a better result

I’ll wait for you to reply, then I can give you a personalised recommendation, rather than just a generic one.

This is not as good as Amals Primer, but it may also help with understanding

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How about a xht with a xdf2 right next too it would this work? Or would a xdf2 with a xem be better? Or should i just goneith a next and get a xdf2 chip later in a different location later?

Before we can make a recommendation, need to know specifics of your use case