Help Cloning MIFARE Classic EV1 (MF1S50) to xM1

So trying hotel #4

They have a MIFARE Classic EV1 (MF1S50).

Used hf mf autopwn, and got the file. Copied it to my xM1, but the SAK is not matching. Hotel card says 0x08, and my xM1 says 0x88.

Any Suggestions?

Tried my xM1 anyways on thier reader (hotel room door), and it didn’t even detect it.

Tried both cards with same result.

Was able to successfully autopwn the 2nd card.

The 1st one “worked”… it gave me a .eml file, but instead of saying [usb] pm3-> when finished… it showed some funky text. Of course i closed it and I’m at dinner now… but will post a pic of it when I get back.

This is pic of funky text

Below is pic of the other card.

This covers SAK changes

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I already checked out, but will definitely keep this in mind for my next trip. I’m sure others can use this info in future as well.

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