Help finding a lock, please

Hey all, first time poster - long time hacker. I have an EM chip in one hand (2015) and the NeXT chip in my other (this week). I have a rented locker at my gym that has a standard cabinet barrel lock with a small key. I wouldn’t normally consider swapping out a lock in a public place but the darn thing captures the key until locked. Which means I’ve got to either leave the door cracked (because of cam collision) or lock it and carry the key with me which is annoying because most of my workout clothes don’t have pockets and I swim a lot too. I need to preserve the ability for the club manager to access the locker, though, and I’d rather them not even know that I swapped out the mechanism…I’m comfortable swapping pins on whatever I buy to match the key they gave me. So here’s what I need: a combo RFID and keyed cabinet cam lock. I’ve spent about 4 hours between google, Amazon, and Ali express. Can I get a borg assist? Anyone know where I can find something like this?


@turbo2ltr posted about a lock like this I believe… hit the searchy search

Works well with an xEm

Thank you both for the quick responses. I did indeed find that one but it’s way more obvious than I was hoping to be. In my mind design I’m picturing the same kind of internal-install as most of the other rfid cabinet locks under search and then a barrel that comes to the outside of the cabinet door for a keyed lock where both the actuating mechanisms can influence the hasp. It looks like I’ll have to get creative with a printer. With all the bio hacking adoption over the last 10 years I’m consistently surprised at how little the ancillary applications market has produced in the niche product realm. This is the downside of being “cutting edge”…the product people just see a knife they have to catch.

This is what you need:

That’s my cam lock at work. I’ve enrolled all my NFC implants, and gave the site manager a card to get into my locker just in case.

Just talk to your gym manager, tell them what you want to install and how they’ll be able to get in too. They may well say yes - if only for the novelty of having a cyborg patron. But if you do it sneaky-like, they’ll notice and it won’t fly.


I’m buying this one this week. I’ll let you all know how it performs with the xEM and NExT Implants
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Hey buddy, just FYI, I’m pretty sure it won’t work with either of your xEM or NExT.

From the spec sheet

RFID Frequency ISO15693 at 13.56Mhz.

You would need an original Spark or a xSLX
Which happen to be on sale this week for $40…

Thanks week long Cyber Monday.

I have the original Spark, and I’m super happy with it, because, although ISO15693 is not super common, if I ever come across one, I have a solution.

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I did see that after I posted, I’m getting a full datasheet from the company so I can make sure, but if not I also have a spark

I can almost guarantee you will have to use your Spark.

The QuickBolt looks uncannily VERY similar to the QuickLock which also uses ISO15693



Out of curiosity, has anyone attempted to changed the compatibility of rfid locks?

Like the little ikea mifare lock is interesting, but i wonder if you could make it accept a xNT somehow