Help getting into the Vivokey App

I got an Apex flex installed roughly a week and a half ago, which has been really exciting for me, but I’m having trouble getting into the Vivokey app.

I mainly use an iPhone, but I keep an old Android phone around since it tends to play a lot nicer with NFC. Still, regardless of which one I use, I can’t seem to login to the Vivokey app. On Android, every time I scan it, it says “NFC Error”. On iPhone, it says “OAuth Expired”.

Funny enough it doesn’t work with the vivokey app. You use fidesmo to do all the applet installs and things.

Oh! Okay, I’ve been able to use Fidesmo just fine. I guess I’ve been a little confused about how to use anything other than the NFC functionality on the Apex :grimacing:

Personally, I would describe the current status with APEX as Beta 2.0,
We are just lucky to have the implants early, installed and healed and the fuctionality of the current applets, but there is still a lot being worked on and more fuctionality to come. The VK App is getting a revamp as a part of that.

Just enjoy being an early adopter

Which applet are you trying to use that you need help with?

I realize that things are still in beta and that not everything is going to work immediately. I’m still excited to be an early adopter.

I’m not actually sure how to use any of the applets other than the NFC one, but it’d be nice to know how to use the one that checks how much free memory I have or any of the ones that handle two factor authentication (U2F seems ideal, but I’d be happy with the OTP applet working as well).

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The otp applet works in tandem with an app called “vivokey authenticator”, it works fantastically. Very easy to set up.

The free memory applet requires the use of the vivokey companion app which has not been released yet

I haven’t used the u2f applet yet so I can’t help you with that one but I’m sure others can :slightly_smiling_face:

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Okay! That’s good to know. I think I have that on Android, though it doesn’t seem to be available for the iPhone yet.