Help! I buy this m-Lock Motorcycle Key Replacement and I can't work it

I bougth this Motorcycle key replacement. I installed well, it works well with the original tags. Bit with my NExT implant only read it in programing mode.
I do the next step
1- Master key
2- token 1
3 - NExT
4- master key

All steps are ok and tell me is ok

But only read step 2

I try
1 master key
2 token
3 master key

It works well

1 master key
2 NExT
3 master key
Sound all beep but later it doesn’t detect NExT

1 master key
2 NExT
3 Token
4 master key

Only works token

Oooh my good!

Coul you help me with some ideas?Uploading: Screenshot_20210331-193515_Sheets.jpg…

ok the first question - have you done anything to your T5577 chip in the NExT? have you programmed it to a new chip type for example?

next question, have you tried adding a 125khz EM token that was not supplied by m-Lock? I ask because I talked briefly with the m-lock people back when it first came out and they seemed a little uptight and well… not great dudes. It would not surprise me if they updated their firmware to use chips in their tokens that now have some sort of crap security auth check just to make it so generic tags cannot be used with m-Lock anymore… but it’s probably something else going on to be honest.

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I’m not sure if your one is the same as the example below, but there are a couple of ideas in this

Also, your screenshot didn’t come through, you posted before it loaded


hola a todos de nuevo. os muestro lo que me pasa.
paso la llave original que si que me lee por el lector de dangerous y no la detecta

Con el clonador leo la información, habría alguna forma de clonar esa información en mi implante NExT? Que soluciones se os ocurren? a la inversa no puedo, dar de alta el NExT en el lector no deja.

The M-lock is Low Frequency, the DT (KRB1) is High Frequency.

Give me a bit and I’ll get back to you with some more answers

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With NEXT and proxmark 3 could I copy?

Very likely, the NExT LF side is a T5577 which can be written to emulate many different types of tag.

Have a look around for cloning tutorials :slight_smile:


Ha, thanks Dev, I was tied up, and just back to this now. this is where I was at

When you are scanning your NExT on the KRB1, it is reading the xNT side of your NExT, But you want the xEM side to be enrolled into the M-Lock OR if you are struggling to enroll you can do like you suggest

Yes, that would be my recommendation ( As it is @Devilclarke s )

There is a possibility that a blue cloner could do the job for you
But the PM3 will future proof you.

This reader is a basic reader it works like a keyboard HID (Human Interface Device) keyboard.
Plug it into your Computer, When you scan your NExT the “keyboard” will output your NExT (xNT) UID onto the current text window.
People sometimes use these to unlock their computer

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I have one of these m.locks/mo.locks in my cart waiting for me to click the button… I’ve been putting it off but I’m very interested in your experiences with the installation.

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@nanna has a post with a little hint,

and her completed bobber project


I also ended up using the mo.lock and ran into the similar issues mentioned above. My first advice would be to pair it by doing:

  1. Master tag
  2. The included key fob
  3. NExT or xEM, it might take a bit of moving around to get it to read. Then, when the reader first responds DO NOT IMMEDIATELY PULL THE TAG AWAY. My tag was able to turn off but not on, same as @nanna. Holding it in place longer fixed this issue.
  4. Master tag

The other issue I have encountered is that the mo.lock has a battery saving feature. After a while of no reads, it enters a lower power mode with a lower polling rate. If you leave your bike in the garage for more than a day or two, you might have to “wake up” the mo.lock with the keyfob, and then it responds great.


Yup, saw that one. More experiences and data points are always welcome though. I’m pretty good with electronics but this is my first bike so I’m a little hesitant to pull the trigger


hay video de como se hace desde cero?

No, pero, tu puedes pedir @nanna

No lo vista desde hace mas de un anos

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Hi everyone, does anyone know we’re to buy a new tag I can use as a spare for my mo.lock. The ones from them are over £12, surely there are cheaper ones I can get that will program the same as the original, any help is much appreciated

have a read from here and below

Is you bought a cheap compatiable tag, you should just be able to enroll it.

Something like 10 of these, for £2.50 including shipping
NZ$ 3.05 | 10pcs EM4100 125khz ID Keyfob RFID Tag Tags llaveros llavero Porta Chave Card Sticker Key Fob Token Ring Proximity Chip TK4100

If you can’t enroll for whatever reason, you could get a T5577 tag but you will need a cloner of some sort, which will add to the cost.
A cheap clonervlike the blue cloner would work

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You need to write a code first to you’re chip can be done whit a simple reader/writer on 125k
Afterwards you can learn the implant to the lock (learn the original fob as well into the lock)
This works for the older model m-lock (rfid) not for the new mo-lock (nfc)