Help identifying a tag

I’ve been using my Proxmark to try and figure out what kind of tag this is but I can’t find anything. Anyone have any idea how I can read this tag?

Its a UHF tag so proxmark wont read it


That explains a lot, not familiar with UHF at all. Thank you for the classification! Time to start learning

Looks like some sort of inventory control tag.

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To me also.

UHF Tags ( passive like your example ) can store a bit of data. But in reality, if you were to scan the Barcode on the otherside, It would probably just reflect that, plus whatever else is written on the front of the tag.

WIth the correct reader/writer, they are easy to read /write from/ to

You should probably be looking in the 860-960MHz range, but again, you will need the correct reader to “see” it.

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Right, I’ve seen large systems in place at various warehouses where everything that passes through the door is read an accounted for. Just a number that ties in to a database, so they know what shelf they put on, where it’s going, what time, etc…

Pretty cool actually =)

A little off topic, but I read about some systems that are getting installed in hospitals where every instrument used during surgery is account for automatically by having a read surround the entire tray. That way they scan everything back out and nothing gets left inside people. Which actually happens more often than I like thinking about.