Help me choose a chip and door lock

I’ll begin by saying I am brand new to all of this.

I have been aware of the technology and some of its uses for a few years but in saying that I have no real understanding of it or how it works so I am finding everything quite confusing.

I need a bit of help choosing the right chip for me.
The main use I want it for is to be able to unlock the door to my house, if I can do other things with it such as store passwords, link to my youtube/tiktok accounts etc that would be great too but they are secondary to unlocking the door to my house.

I have not purchased a lock yet as I want to be certain the chip and lock I select are compatible.

Can anyone recommend a chip/lock combination that will 100% work together.

I apologise as I’m sure its been asked a bunch of times but I couldn’t quite find what I was after.

Depending on where you live, I can recommend the DOM ELS Pro in combination with a xEM or NExT or anything else that is LF. I use it with my xEM and it works perfectly.

Other than that, we have a cool spreadsheet with tons of products and the chips that work with them, hope you’ll find what you’re looking for :slight_smile:


I have a NExT and I use the LF side to get in my room which has a METechs MID300 door handle. I use the HF side to share stuff like my website or a vcard (contact card that iphone and android accepts). The METechs MID300 has a plastic cover over the antenna which is too thick to read the NExT so I had to remove it, reposition the antenna, and then cover the open area with a thin sticker. This is fun for indoors but would not be useful outside. Check the compatibility matrix for other door handles. I think I remember seeing a better one but it was kinda pricey

Unfortunately I deleted the pictures from when I took it apart. Sometimes I think the sticker is too thick so you will probably have a tough time getting the plastic thin enough. The sticker was helpful because I was able to pull the antenna out further and stick it to the back of the sticker so it was as close to the outside as possible

Who owns that Google sheet? I’d like to add a bit of information for readers and implants I have access to

Amal is the owner and can grant edit rights.

If you give me the info, I can add it for you

If there is a link to a thread that would be great, as I try to link those so people can see the discussion around it for the bigger picture and can set expectations accordingly

I got edit access :+1: I have unifi access at home and a number of implants and cards, so I filled out as much as I could in a quick test and check. As I gain more random cards or implants I will continue to update as I go.

I learned the tesla key card can work on unifi access, the more you know!


Great stuff, I just saw your other post.
Thanks for contributing
I’ll add a couple new implants ( apex Mega and flex )
Saw you have already done that :+1:

I’ll add vehicles to another sheet, rather than readers