Help me choose an implant

Ah that makes sense, but with that Samsung SHS 3321 lock the product page says “RFID Specifications 13.56MHz RFID ISO14443 A Type” which matches the xSIID so I wonder how the new firmware stops it from reading.

Also remember, it is a living and ever evolving document, just because it is not on there, just means it hasn’t been tested or updated.

If the lock simply “looks” for a UID over ISO14443-A it SHOULD work…

UPDATE you posted before I finished my reply.
To to follow on what you asked, it was a Samsung update that fucked shit up…
All we know is that the Firware rollback works.

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From my experience with a few locks, if they work with the “TT Lock” app, they should support any hf implant. Those locks only look for the UID of the chip from what I can tell.

Awesome thanks for the tip. That will definitely help with the search.