Help me fit more implants, let’s play some Tetris

So I already have 3 in my left hand,
xEM L4

I have several more chips on the way, because curse you Amal with your customer service and your cyborg Monday sale

I have a nEXT, G3 , spark 2 ,and xM1 the way
(Also a xNT sitting in a shelf)
Additionally I’m am moving ahead with my pure wrist flex implant

I want to try to keep everything in my left hand / wrist / arm

Here’s what I’m thinking, but no idea on the g3 or xNT

Thoughts? Suggestions? Concerns?

image dont do the underside of yoru wrist

Explain? Along with what lines are what?

Also didn’t think you could do an x series sideways on top of hand

I like tetris :slight_smile:. You could probably fit an implant between every metacarpal in your hand. Are you thinking of installing in just the left hand or are you going to go for the right as well?

Just the left

Maybe this helps a bit


How do you like your led in #7

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Do you get confused sometimes? :slight_smile:

I only have 4 in my hands and sometimes I present the wrong hand, or wrong part of a hand to the wrong reader, because my brain triggers the wrong automatic move for some reason. I’d imagine someone with as many chips as you crowded in the same areas must experience more misses than hits :slight_smile:

That’s why I’m trying to think through my locations as much as I am,

Sure I could put them all within 5mm of each other, but I’d never get good reads or presentations

xLED in 7: like it - playing around and show it to others

@Rosco :slight_smile: i can only use them private - sometimes O forgot which link is on which implant :rofl:

ive got one sidewasys on top of my wrist :smiley:

Can you show some of your arm implants in a bit more detail?

Trying to figure out where in my wrist / lower forearm I can put some implants without getting too close to arm bones

Seems like there are a few good little squishy areas

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sorry, i don’t have a better picture: vivokey flexone beta

Old x-ray from 2018




Spark 2


So I added an XEM into the growing list for round 2 of stabby stab

Think it will fit perfectly between a HF payment flex and a HF xm1

Here’s my rough plan at the moment

L0 green xSIID - installed already
L1 xm1 - to be installed
L2 xEM - to be installed
L3/4ish - payment flex - to be installed
L4 xem - installed already

Wrist 0 nEXT - installed already
Wrist 3 g3 - to be installed

Under wrist interior spark 2 - to be installed
Under wrist exterior nEXT - to be installed


I need to decide how much stabby will happen at one time , specifically the L1 L2 and L3 I wonder if they should be done separately to prevent merging

Also a xNT sitting on my shelf should go somewhere

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Thanks for this thread BTW, I had many of the same concerns and now I think I’ll get one of the bundles after the sale week is over!

I was surprised at how invisible my two implants are, which is good! Idk how my piercer will go though…

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Alternatively I could put the random unloved xNT in L3 and out the payment flex elsewhere

I think you need to be careful of the flex positioning in relation to other HF implants… some of those readers are known to put out a lot of power

I think where it’s currently drawn would be about 2 inches away from the nearest Hf implant

The 2 on either side of it would be xEMs

If I can get my hands on a red and blue marker, I’ll try to draw with one color being Low and one being high

I love that idea :bulb: A great use of an xEM to separate 2 HF implants.

Unsure if sarcasm…


For some reason some of your replies feel sarcastic, which is normally fine (love me some sarcasm)

But I get the strangest feeling that I said something dumb, even though it seems to make sense
(I wonder what that says about me)
Lol :joy: