Help! My implants have migrated!

What can I do if two of my subdermal chips migrate too close together?

Im on mobile and kind of drunk rn but check out some of these posts:


Corral them with toothpicks and take prenatal vitamins.

Also, how long ago did you get them implanted?


I got them implanted two and a half years ago. I think the tech that installed them might have gotten them a little too close together but they have both migrated from the original placement putting them practically next to my forefinger phalange. I’m going to try using an acupressure device to see if I can’t get them to migrate apart so the will function. Not sure if it will help but I gotta start somewhere. I’m already taking prenatal vitamins for skin issues. I’m not super worried but it is very irksome.


The link circles back to my op and replies. I’m impressed how you managed that. :laughing:

Which implants are they?

This is a great find by the way.

I will be linking that product to people that plan to install 2 in position #0
I would have used it for mine if I knew about it.


Well I’m in that boat too. My blue xsiid got lost and just this week, a year and a bit later, it has reappeared!

I have tried removing it a few times but all of a sudden it just showed up and I was able to massage it from l0 to the back of my hand. Hurts like a bugger but it’s better than opening me up.

You are very nonchalant considering a chunk of glass, metal, and plastic disappeared into your body.

with all the mental crap ive done in my life, if a tiny glass bit “gets me” in the end, it certainly has earned the right.

plus, i knew “where” it was, just buried itself too deep into my meat to be useful. so i called it lost.

working on it - but here we are