Ive been on her for 18 hours trying to figure out if its possible to clone a “original PFM04K” to a empty brand new PFM04K. I really need help can someone point me in to the right direction or guide on how to do it .

I think people here might be a bit skittish to help a new community member we’ve got no relationship with, outright clone an access keyfob… directly advising how to copy an access control device (key copying) is sorta grey area… what if you are trying to clone your ex girlfriends apartment fob so you can go murder people in the middle of the night? It’s like, we don’t wanna be directly involved with that.

You might try this?

Haha, Well, Only because I have just been busy recently; otherwise I would have happily jumped in and helped as a potential accessory to M.U.R.D.E.R :hocho: :drop_of_blood: :skull:

If you dont have any luck with Amals link, just pop back and I’ll see if I can help you commit a crime with your problem


Right so after I hf mf autopwn i get stuck .

Homedepot and who ever owns key fob copier at the 7/11 Must been on the FIB :scream: most wanted list then