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Me too… while mando was a good show, it’s still classic Star Wars fluff bullshit. I believe the fundamental philosophical and moral differences between Star Wars and Star Trek can be summed up thusly…

oh yeah, spoilers…

  • Mandalorian, Chapter 4 (Sanctuary); Mando & Cara help peasant villagers “rise up” and fight an AT-ST Raider… but before that, Cara talks about how a single AT-ST took out tons of trained rebel soldiers in her unit… in modern terms, it would be like pitting infantry soldiers with machine guns against what amounts to a M1 Abrams tank… a bloodbath with no point… but somehow they “train the villagers” in a montage that could have realistically only covered 24-48 hours at most… lots of great training there guys… and then of course they win with a novel strategy of what? Digging a hole… as if this is something a massive walker from the Star Trek universe couldn’t simply scan and walk over or around, or just stand there blasting the shit out of everyone. It’s feel-good bullshit fluff that is fun to watch, but ultimately is a story-line that is so recurrent in popular culture that it innundates people over and over again with the idea that you can overcome overwhelming odds with no resources if you “just believe”… and when real people take this attitude into the real world and inevitably fail, over and over, they become convinced it’s because they suck and get depressed about life… why can everyone else do all the things and I have such a hard time? Well because life is full of impossible, overwhelming challenges… some you can pick away and at eventually win, but some must be navigated around, or simply given up on. In a Star Trek world, you’d set off and walk straight up Mount Everest with hardly any training and no gear and after a few struggles you’d summit, all because you just “tried hard”. It’s fluff bullshit and a terrible philosophy for life… yet kids grow up on this stuff… integrate it into their identities… it’s just bad.

  • Star Trek TNG, S3:E2 The_Ensigns_of_Command; Humanoids inhabit a planet that is not theirs to inhabit, and an alien comes to wipe them off it. For their own safety, Data tries to convince them to leave, but the villagers want to “rise up” and “fight”. Star Trek doesn’t play that shit… they don’t come up with a magic space hole for the aliens to fall into, Data has to basically risk his own existence to convince them they will die if they don’t leave. I won’t go into such a diatribe here, but ultimately Data has to get murdered, rise from the dead, and start destroying all the things the villagers are clinging on to… mainly an aqueduct… but the point is, this episode is about hard truths and hard choices. This is what life is really like, and in general the show was an excellent philosophical and moral compass for a growing lad like me.

rant over.