Help Regarding Writing xEm Implant

So basically I figured that my house key uses HID mode 125Khz RFID and attempting to write the xEM implant from my house key doesn’t work, as it is in EM mode and I bought a Chamelon Ultra, but it doesn’t support HID at the moment which leads me to this, getting a proxmark3.

Here is some questions that I have,
Do I need a software to use the proxmark?
Which proxmark should i get?
Is there another way i can change the xEM implant to HID mode, and use the blue cloner to write it?

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Quick update I bought the proxmark with iceman firmware off one of the links I have found in this forum

Is there any software I will need to download?
Thanks for the help

Proxmark Repo

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As long as you are certain that it is 125kHz, the xEM will be able to be written.

One clause, door looks can be notoriously difficult to open with an xSeries such as an xEM, but not always.
There can also be some mods / add ons that may stack the odds in your favour if required.

As equipter’s link above, plus there are a couple of install guides to follow here on the forum

Are you going to use
Windows, linux, Mac or Android?

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macOS, I was finally able to install homebrew and installled proxmark3 software on it thru the MTools website help,

Now I just need to wait for my proxmark to arrive I guess.


I suggest getting some t5577 tags you can practice writing to before trying to write to the xEM.

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