Help understanding different chips and implants

Hi all.

I finally got around to getting myself a NeXT implant, and so far have had a bit of fun rickrolling my friends with the NFC part of it.

however I started to mess around with the proxmark and RFID part, but im finding alot of the cards I use on a daily basis are all HF cards, compared to the LF the implant is.
watching a few of the tutorial videos I find there is different types of cards being referenced,
for EG my work tag I believe comes up as a DESfire 6 byte, which from the info from the video I was watching, doesn’t have a implant which works with it?

I was just wondering if there is a good tutorial, or series which would help me understand what all the difference chip types are, and how they all mix and interact with each other.

So far I understand the difference between HF and LF
(and that I can use the taginfo app to quickly check if a card if HF)

but more then that im still learning.

Any help would be appreciated

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Hey mate, hopefully this can help a bit.

The xDF2 and flexDF2 are DESFire chips with 7 byte UIDs. You could get that to do your work badge, but it’s not cloneable, so you would need to talk to the administrator for your access control system and have them enroll your implant just like a fresh card. They’re unlikely to do that, and sometimes the cards are formatted by the access control company not the local administrator so they can’t.


Cool thanks, ill have a read though that thread and see if it helps out.

Do you know of any good video series which can help as well?
Or even some proper learning material, rather than back and forth questions and answers