Help with ACS ACR122U

I used ISLOG with a ACR122U for a short time and uninstalled it after the amount of time it took to register a tag serial number and the issues with logging in. After uninstalling ISLOG the ACR122U will no longer enter the serial number of any tag in a text field, apparently it wont load as a keyboard anymore, however the KBR1 works fine. Any one else run into this issue or am I remembering wrong and it never worked as a keyboard? Thanks in advance.

I don’t think ISLOG ever worked as a keyboard wedge. It used a credential provider if memory serves. I never used it, since I first tried EIDAuthenticate and that worked fine.

Oh, specifically the ACR122U does not work as a keyboard wedge… it is a PC/SC compliant reader… meaning you need software on the computer to talk to the tag through the reader and do something.

That makes sense. I don’t know why I remembered it being able to enter text. Thanks for the response.

If you’re on Windows, Spring Card had a good collection of applications for working with NFC and smartcards. I think one of the utilities automatically copies the UUID to the clipboard. Not sure about full keyboard emulation though.