Help with an "old" hardware

Hi, I bought a kit a while ago and it cake with an hrh vertriebs ghbh, so there is no info about it in your Page any more. Can somebody give me a hint about what’s suppose to do or what should i do with it?

Thank you very much

the xAC access controller V1

I have a few of them, give me a bit and i get you some information together for you

Sorry, I realised after I posted my first reply, what it was, Now I made you look silly…

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Can i see a picture?

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In short we normally refer to that as an xAC (xSeries/xEM Access controller)

that is the version 1.

I really like it,
The xAC V1= 11mA Idle 48mA Operating
The xAC V2= 60mA Idle 100mA Operating
thats why I have a few.

I was going to type up a bunch of stuff, but to get you started



Garage door opener

Vechicle start

There is also a newer one xACV2

that has a bit more functionality, but also draws a bit more current

Here some videos for that one

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