Help with cloning access card to implant

I want to clone an access card, the card I am trying to clone is a HID iClass DP

I’ve seen this “Multicloner” recommended in cloning access cards to implants, specifically referenced in this guide

but in the specs it says “some cards cannot be cloned, e.g. the MultiCloner can’t copy DESFire, Indala or iClass cards at this time.”

my card is an iClass card. Is there any products that CAN clone an iClass card? If there are, which implant should I use in conjunction with it?

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HID makes a bunch of different iClass cards. Which one is it exactly?


Its this kind.

The duoprox cards have two technologies in them. It is possible that even if you clone the 125khz side of the card, the readers are using the 13.56 mhz side of the card so it won’t do you any good. You know which side they are using?

Have you tried scanning the card with an NFC enabled phone and an app like Taginfo or NFC Tools?

Also if you have the DT Diagnostic card, you may be able to tell which tech they are using by using the card on the readers. Sometimes they use duoprox cards but use readers that only read one of the card’s techs so you know which they are using… If your readers are only 125khz, then I believe it should be clonable. Don’t quote me on that. :slight_smile:

I have no NFC enabled phone. But on the readers it doesn’t matter which side it is.

They have this ({creative}&vt-ap={adposition}&vt-pti={adwords_producttargetid}&vt-at={adtype}&msclkid=a405741164011e8c3726285e6c65e38b&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=ID%20Zone%20-%20Shopping%20-%20Data%20Capture&utm_term=4585375804963552&utm_content=Shopping%20-%20Datacapture) kind of reader. I don’t know if its this exact model but it looks just like it.

Thanks for your help btw, sorry for my late af replys.

Unfortunately a lot of the readers look identical but are different inside so can’t really go by looks.

Anywhere on them can find out? I know I can’t open them up… lol.

I’m not familiar enough with them to know if that’s possible. The DT Diagnostic card is your best bet but there is no all-in-one solution to your issue. It’s a matter of testing the card and the reader…and you need equipment for both.

Will be meeting a buddy who has rfid equipment. Will document the cloning process and if it’s not successful.

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Did you manage to clone it?