Help with HID prox id cloning

here is a picture of what my proxmark3 reader found as info when i ran the auto command on it.
how do i copy this key ? or which command line do i use to copy it .

First be sure the ID is consistent across multiple reads… could be noise. Make sure it’s correct and matches each read.

Next if you are sure it’s HID then you’d go

lf hid clone

And check the help screen to see your options.

ok did that command this is what it read.
whats my next step?

do i need to buy the identical fob key or can a generic fob do?
this is the picture of the original fob

IF you get the repeated same results as Amal asked you to check

THIS is the command you want to send

lf hid clone -r 000000000000002007918ca7

when you have done that, try

lf hid reader to verify

you should get the same results as above

How I got that answer!?

The PM3 steps you through the process and luckily it gives you answers and examples

You knew it was LF
so simply putting in
yields you all the LF options
you knew it was HID
lf hid
Gives you the LF HID options

[usb] pm3 --> lf hid
help             this help
demod            demodulate HID Prox tag from the GraphBuffer
reader           attempt to read and extract tag data
clone            clone HID tag to T55x7
sim              simulate HID tag
brute            bruteforce card number against reader
watch            continuously watch for cards.  Reader mode

you knew you wanted to clone, so
lf hid clone

    lf hid clone -r 2006ec0c86                           -> write raw value for T55x7 tag (HID 10301 26 bit)
    lf hid clone -r 2e0ec00c87                           -> write raw value for T55x7 tag (HID Corporate 35 bit)
    lf hid clone -r 01f0760643c3                         -> write raw value for T55x7 tag (HID P10001 40 bit)
    lf hid clone -r 01400076000c86                       -> write raw value for T55x7 tag (HID Corporate 48 bit)
    lf hid clone -w H10301 --fc 118 --cn 1603            -> HID 10301 26 bit, encode for T55x7 tag
    lf hid clone -w H10301 --fc 118 --cn 1603 --q5       -> HID 10301 26 bit, encode for Q5/T5555 tag
    lf hid clone -w H10301 --fc 118 --cn 1603 --em       -> HID 10301 26 bit, encode for EM4305/4469

from your screenshot

you can see that ties in with this
lf hid clone -r 2006ec0c86 -> write raw value for T55x7 tag (HID 10301 26 bit)

So taking your raw data

we add this to the command line

lf hid clone -r 000000000000002007918ca7

and then we check to confirm

lf hid reader or lf search

and we get

[usb] pm3 --> lf hid reader
[+] [H10301  ] HID H10301 26-bit                FC: 200  CN: 50771  parity ( ok )
[+] [ind26   ] Indala 26-bit                    FC: 3212  CN: 1619  parity ( ok )
[=] found 2 matching formats
[+] DemodBuffer:
[+] 1D555955556A965695A5996A

[=] raw: 000000000000002007918ca7

compare this to

And we have a winner baby !

I hope this makes sense, and is easy to follow.

Just remember when writing to an implant, it is important to get good coupling, so do some test reads first to ensure you are in the right place, when you have confirmed this,


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I was composing a reply when you posted this,

can you just do an lf read a couple of times,
make sure the result is the same, then show us the output.
If it is the same as your first post, just follow my “guide” above

What do you have?
A generic T5577 card or tag will work… that’s what I used for your answer

if you have some spare cards lying around, try an
lf t5 detect

That will identify if it has a T5577 chip, if so, you are onto a winner winner :chicken: :shallow_pan_of_food:

thanks for taking time to explain it .
I seem not to have the correct fob keys that are compatible . when i run an auto command on both fobs keys it comes back saying “no data found” so i will have to look for an exact fob key like the picture above online and try those command lines you suggested.
these were the fob keys i had thinking they were compatible but unfortunately there’s nothing on them

Quite possibly they are T5577

But let’s first check that they are LF

Please put them on the HF antenna ( the underside of the bottom PCB )


hf search

If no result

then put it back on the LF antenna ( Top Red coil )


lf t5 detect

what does it return?

can you try a

lf em 41 clone --id 1122334455


lf search

what are the results?

not knowing the background to the fobs, they may have a password on them :man_shrugging:

It could be anything, but let’s cross that bridge if we need to

ok here is what the black fob showed up when i ran the hf search

and the blue fob shows this when i run the
lf t5 detect command

and this is what i see when i run the command line on blue fob
lf em 41 clone --id 1122334455

The black one is a HF, so you won’t be able to use that to clone your HID tag.

Can you do a HF search on the blue one as well? It looks like it might also be HF given he results when you did the LF t5 detect command.

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i ran the blue tag on hf and it shows up this

lf hid clone -r 000000000000002007918ca7


lf hid reader or lf search

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this is what i got after following your instructions

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lf hid reader or lf search


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This, on the blue tag. It may take a couple of goes to get it to work, so do a LF search after each write attempt. You are looking for the “raw” to be 000000000000002007918ca7. Once that happens, the cloning will have worked.

so u think its cloned after seeing the last photo from the original key?

That suggests it worked.