Help with implant selection

hi! I feel that flex implants are more interesting because they can be implanted in the fingers because it may be more comfortable. At this point I’m most interested in cloning input cards, especially for work. But as I’m buying I’m thinking what might be the most versatile?
Could flex series chips be a problem with MRI? Is there anyone here from Poland?

This is not recommended, but it is possible with a professional.
Lassi in Finland is somebody worth contacting for finger installs.

Maybe Arnuf in Germany ???


@wojtek (if you want a payment implant [walletmor], this is the guy to talk to)


Thank you for your reply! So I decided to start with the (xHT HITAG S2048 Chip). Is it possible to mount the chip closer to the middle finger than the thumb?

@Midoriya contact me please :slight_smile:


I asked Arnulf about a silicone glowy star on my finger, and he sighed and smilingly mumbled something about “you always with your special wishes” :smile:
But might be worth asking, absolutely.

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im surprised it wasnt a glowing unicorn emoji or something :rofl: