Help with keys for Mifare Card

Can anyone help me get the keys for this card or any information about how I could get the keys?

I tried hf mf autopwn. But darkside just runs forever and doesn’t really do anything. Running hf mf chk gives me this:

If I maybe did a hf 14a sniff, how would I decode the keys from that?

Hf mf auto pen didn’t return anything because it is an attack for mifare classic and what you have is a mifare ultralight

Do hf mfu dump

This is not a simple mifare chip, it is a smart card chip. You will not be able to crack keys or copy data from this chip.

So there is no attack at all that can be used against this? Is it as strong as a desfire card?

No attacks like there would be for a Mifare Classic credential

It’s probably not as robust as a DESFire card, but that doesn’t mean there’s much we can do with it.

Let’s go back a little, what are you trying to do? I assume you want to clone the card? What do you know about the reader system being used?

If you have an android phone you could try an app like TagInfo to get a bit more information

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Is this a successful dump? What do the 1s mean in the lck column

Yeah looks like a good dump, the 1s in the lock column means those blocks are locked and cannot have their data changed

it kinda looks like it might be, however it is not a mifare data dump. Mifare chips, emulated or not, do not have 4 byte data blocks, they have 16 byte sectors with a sector trailer block for access bits and two keys. Whatever you dumped may or may not be useful.

If this came from a smartcard chip, then chances are the data in this easily accessible section of an NFC Type 2 tag emulator are probably not what is actually being used for security or whatever application this chip is used with… unless someone is extremely dumb about how they implemented things. The chip is way more expensive than a “real” NFC Type 2 transponder chip, and way more capable… but anyway, yes it looks like you got some data of some kind from some sort of chip.

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I’m confused why you think it’s anything to do with mifare classic atp, it’s an Infineon SLE which is compliant with Mifare Ultralight and sharing its same memory structure of 4byte pages

Fwiw the 66R01L is essentially just Infineon version of the mful ev1/48 byte tags

Now that you’ve got a dump of it, no attacks necessary (yay) what is it you were planning on doing with the tag

It’s an arcade game card. I want to make a clone of it so that my friend and I can share the balance on it without needing to give the physical card to each other everytime

Ahh I thought it was an sle66 smart card chip but apparently it’s a cheapo ultralight type card. My bad :slight_smile:

So is it normal that I was just able to run hf mfu dump without any keys?

Yes for mful & its garbo variants, sometimes you’ll run into readprot pages but in this case, you haven’t

I see. So what type of card/chip do I need to clone this into. I’m guessing a Chinese mifare 1k card won’t work. Would a NTAG215 work?