Help with PM3 Easy on Raspberry pi

Hello new to the community… I ordered a NExT and xMagic and got the PM3 easy to go with it. Got the PM3 working on my PC (win 11). However, I want this to work with something portable. Can’t get my raspberry Pi to connect with it. I can use “lsusb” to see it connected to my pi.

Shows up as
Bus001 Device 028: ID9ac4:4b8f J. Westhues Proxmark-3 RFID Instrument

Unfortunately, I tried following the guide here (, but the Proxmark does not create a /dev/attyACM0 connection. So once I try to run the client it I just get a message:
[=] Waiting for Proxmark to appear. . .

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Just to clarify, you did do the make accessrights step:

And then logged all the way out and back in first?

Yes. Also to that point I have access to the dialout group. Checked using the “Groups” command. However, because it doesn’t add /dev/ttyACM0 I cannot get the “[ -r /dev/ttyACM0 ] && [ -w /dev/ttyACM0 ] && echo ok” line to return ok. It is like the Pi can see the PM plugged in but doesn’t see the CMC interface.

It is weirs as it is working on the windows machine, so I am inclined to think there isn’t an issue with the PM.

Going to try a fresh Pi image a little later and see if that does the trick, but any other advice would be appreciated.


Got it to Work! Thanks to any/all who were trying to help. I forgot This Pi had a Virtual USB sever running on it. This was so I could remote operate a Laser engraver. I had to pkill that service for the Pi to see PM as a cdc_acm interface device.