Help with programing NeXT chip with proxmark3 v3

Im curious to as what programs and software to use to program my NeXT implant

You have A LOT of reading ahead of you


Your question is very vague,
As is your thread title Help with programing NeXT chip with proxmark3 v3

So you have a proxmark3 v3 !?
Have you set up your proxmark?
Are you running Windows / Linux / Mac?
What are you trying to read / write?
What security systems do you have access to?
Do you have an NFC enabled phone?
What have you done with your NExT so far?
What do you ACTUALLY want to do?

Your question has been asked and answered many times.
All the answers you seek are likely here in the forum already
You need to give us a little more, before we can help you and point you in the correct direction. Otherwise we can only give you generic answers.

I’m guessing here, but THIS may be what you are asking

The search function will become your friend

Also, The faqs and wikis

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Oh the irony :slight_smile:

But you do try to be helpful and point people to the right documentation each and every time, which is lot more than can be said in the PM forum.

Still… couldn’t help myself :wink:

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I gotta say thought, the amount of reading and YouTube watching I did before I even ordered my NeXT… Hell, I had hours and hours of practice on my Proxmark programming and cloning the practice cards before the NeXT kit even shipped. I question the wisdom of getting an implant installed into your body without even the slightest bit of research. It’s kind of frightening actually.


Many people do much more drastic and permanent things on impulse. Not everybody has a 3 digit IQ.

Very true, or we wouldn’t have so many DUIs.

I do hope it’s clear though that I never questioned anyone’s intelligence (IQ). There’s quite a difference between wisdom and intelligence. I mean I’ve met some really smart people that could be talked out of their shoes by someone with “street smarts”.

It was just a figure of speech. Besides, 3 digits isn’t a very high bar nowadays.

Haha, Fair enough… touché.
I could have and would have answered more if there was more info to go on…I also could have spent hours second GUESSING what help is needed.

Just pulling your leg man. No criticism intended.

If the numbers are to be believed it’s exactly half of people.

Na, I got ya :wink:

To give a serious answer to OP, short and sweet. Use the Proxmark on PC to program the xEM portion and NFC Tools Pro on phone to program the NDEF portion of the xNT side. No, you can’t change the UID or use the xNT portion to clone an NFC card. Flash the prox with RRG firmware. Since you don’t have the rdv4, and assuming you have a 64bit OS, use the most recent build from It will have the software for the PC and the firmware for the prox.

For specific how to, there’s a plethora of tutorials on YouTube for Proxmark. The technique will slightly vary depending on which card you are cloning, so you’ll get much better results if you use far more specific search terms on YouTube than in your post here.

Here’s a basic video on cloning HID Prox.
Will give you a basic foundation to build on.

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