Help with xEM impant

I got my xEM Chip implanted on the 10th of march 2016, would my chip have the bad inductive coupling or what ever the problem was with writing to it. i want to clone a card to my xEM but im scared of having it brick my chip and me having to get it removed and replaced. is there a way to test the bad coupling like a reader or something.

Well the coupling is made when you put the chip near a reader antenna. You are creating a “coupled magnetic field interchange” each time you bring the inductor (antenna) of the chip near the inductor (antenna) of the reader. Each time the position of both devices, power output of the reader antenna, signal sensitivity of the reader, etc. all define the quality of the coupling.

That said, there are no “really good” cloners out there that are super reliable, and even the proxmark3 in all it’s forms and iterations have crap antennas for talking to the xEM. @TomHarkness was working on some antenna designs for the proxmark3 but at the moment I don’t know of any commercially available devices that I’d call “great” at coupling with the xEM.

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When I’m using my Proxmark I have a bud help hold it in place. We leave it in a constant look reading and shift around until finding a good spot. Then let it read for a minute and, if the results are consistent, write from there.

I’m also playing with the cylindrical antenna from the kit to see if I can make that work with a Proxmark.

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If your in Australia I might be able to help. There is not much you can really get “off the shelf” and be sure that there won’t be issues, besides a proxmark3 (even then the stock coils are crap for implants and require exact, steady placement of the xem to get good writes).

There is currently a kickstarter for a newer proxmark that has a modular antenna system and much more - I am hopeful of their new antenna designs from first glance and initial reports from others with pre-release hardware. This will also be much cheaper than other revisions.

The cylindrical antenna works great if you have a good connection and shorten the cable slightly. There are about 5 other off the shelf coils that I need to test and I expect a few to work very well.

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i have an xEMi xEM 125KHz ATA5577 (in em mode) tag in my hand is it writable, it comes up on the website as a t5577 but in the description it says ata5577 and when i watched amal’s video he says he has the “older nonwritable” ata5577 chip.

so is it writable or not?