Hey everyone.. I'm thinking about a new YouTube show

How about interviews?
Interviews with people from other sciency/biohacking channels would bring traffic over and they are the easiest type of collab to setup. Then you can also interview specialists from various fields (Fraser Cain does that perfectly imo).

Maybe less popular with the wider public but I would personally love to see hands-on experiments and research in the lab.

Finally you might want to look into the podcast format. More and more science related channels (can probably
list 20) are exploring that option recently and there’s probably a good reason for that.

You might want to target Nebula and other YouTube alternative platforms with this kind of content.

The day I see some sort of Amal <> The Thought Emporium collab will be my second birthday :joy:


Yep! Interviews will be happening and we already have the infrastructure knowledge to self-host podcast episodes from the work I did building the BIOSHACK podcast into my own website - already available on all major podcast platforms :sunglasses:

And the video version is here Jenova Rain - YouTube


Sounds great! I can’t wait
Are you considering to cover other aspects of biohacking (than implant/tech/grind) ? Like biology/DNA or health/nutrition stuff?

Edit: I have a small French community that’s interested in the subject over on Facebook so maybe I and/or someone could contribute French YT subtitles


We’ve just finished recording our intro episode and it gives a wild idea of just how broad our topics will be - I’m stoked!!

Any help with subtitling will be hugely appreciated although be warned; our average episode length will be up there with Joe Rogan :pray: :cherry_blossom:


topics around transhumanism and the intersection of technology and humanity


Greetings all! This year is flying by! We haven’t forgotten about this project but we’ve both had some new challenges in the business world and the “real” world. Things are moving in the right direction and I’m rebooting my business thanks to some advancements in UK legalities and registrations - more on that later.

For now I have a small favour - can you throw me a sub (or two) on my youtube channel please? Need to breathe some new life into it… again.

Much appreciated! You are all legendary x

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It was a heavy weight upon me to have to be the 667th subscriber, but I will bear this burden for the sake of progress.


Pretty sure i hit 669 (nice)


675 here

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