Hey everyone.. I'm thinking about a new YouTube show

We are working on ideas for a recurring YouTube show will feature Amal Graafstra and Jenova Rain discussing topics around transhumanism and the intersection of technology and humanity. The scope of the show will include biohacking topics but also technologies that have the potential to fundamentally change the course of human development and progress.

We’ve brainstormed a few names already, and we’re asking the community to vote for your top 3 choices. They are presented in no particular order. Again, you can vote for up to 3. If you have any suggestions not on the list, comments are welcome!

Show name ideas
  • The Sauce
  • The Breakdown
  • Entanglement
  • Shift
  • Cyborg Nation
  • Augmented Humanity
  • Only Human
  • After Zero Hour
  • After Midnight
  • Humanity’s Breakdown
  • Open Source

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Ive asked chatgpt so we get some suggestions that don’t come from humans xD

"Transcendence": This name suggests the idea of going beyond our current limits and achieving something greater through biohacking and transhumanism.

"BioRevolution": This name implies a radical change in the way we understand and use biology, and the potential for biohacking and related technologies to transform our lives.

"Futurize": This name suggests a focus on the future and the idea of using biohacking and other emerging technologies to create a better world.

"Enhance": This name suggests the goal of using biohacking and other technologies to enhance our capabilities and achieve new levels of performance and intelligence.

"BioGenesis": This name implies the creation of new life or the transformation of existing life through biohacking and other technologies.

"Elevate": This name suggests the idea of using biohacking and other technologies to elevate human potential and achieve new heights of excellence.

"Transcending Humanity": This name highlights the theme of transhumanism and the idea of using technology to transcend our current limitations as human beings.

"The Biotech Frontier": This name evokes the sense of exploring new frontiers in biotechnology and using emerging technologies to advance the field of biohacking.

"Beyond Biology": This name suggests the idea of going beyond traditional biology and using technology to augment and improve our bodies and minds.

"Next Gen Humans": This name implies the idea of a new generation of humans that have been enhanced and transformed through biohacking and related technologies.

I’m super hyped btw


Always blown away at how good Chatgpt content can be if done properly


Out of all of them I like “Beyond Biology” and “The Biotech Frontier” the best. Perhaps “Cyborg Nation” for a third choice.


All of them are great but I like Futurise (provided it is spelt properly)!

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Rather than just “Only Human” what about “Beyond Human”? Seems more in tune with our ideals.


Yeah we had 60+ titles and that was on the list but it didn’t make the final cut, sadly. I’m happy with the poll result though.


Welcome back


You’ll never escape the eye of our resident cyborg AI @Pilgrimsmaster


This would be awesome having Youtube channel or podcast like that we can listen every day talking about different stuff! :mechanical_arm: :muscle:


Ok we are decided. Augmented Humanity it is :raised_hands:


This sounds like a great idea. I’d sure watch it.

It’s been 3 hours? Where’s the show?

I need that sweet sweet dopamine


well we are close to staring filming!

we need show categories / ideas

post any ideas, concepts, premises, etc. here!

Not sure if you want it under the augmented humanity banner,

I think it would be better under DT name maybe;

But not to beat a dead horse, that single short form video rapid fire debunking the go-to misinformation fear monger soundbytes we encounter in the web about implants

I’ll come up with some ideas for augmented humanity


Maybe start off discussing the history of human augmentation? A “Getting up to speed” sort of thing.


Since you mentioned transhumanism in your first post about the show, some information about the philosophical background might be a good idea, too. At least in Germany it feels a bit like transhumanism is not seen positively by lots of people, maybe it’s because it has some sort of “Übermensch-feeling” that definitely has a very bad taste to it here (because people haven’t actually read Nietzsche :wink: ).

For the part of human augmentation, it would be cool to have several clips about the various aspects of it - the widely-known medical part, the aesthetics, the people who do it for enhanced functionality (like access cards and such) etc.
And maybe the history of it, too - like the stuff Lepht did, or Grindhouse, or the people over at biohack.me?

That’s a very good idea, too, I think - if it fits the format, it should be in for sure :wink:
And perhaps one about the risks as well? To show that there are companies who provide safe implants, like DT, so there is no need to order pet chips in China and implant them by yourself…

This makes me think of BCI and the like, so that would obviously be another wide field of topics


Much better than the ones that imply some form of doomsday scenario. The only people here who should sound like cultists are in the you know what thread… :wink:

I’d also like to see some content about new technologies being developed, like the stuff that has been researched at MIT with regards to prosthetic legs. Sure integrating technology with the nervous system is a field that’s in it’s infancy but it’s still worth discussing IMHO.


While I feel “augmented humanity” is a good option, I’m a bit sad “cyborg nation” did not win.
I was already anticipating a logo with a raised fist with it’s iconic implant scar.


I agree… though the range of topics will extend beyond implants… so it might not make the most sense. Still, an argument could be made for cyborg nation as in we are already all cyborgs using augmentative technologies like smartphones etc… Though that does go against certain concepts I myself support like the fundamental difference between well designed implanted technology and tool use.