HF side of proxmark not behaving correctly?

Near as I can tell the LF side of my proxmark easy is working fine

But the hf side, acts like it’s working but almost never finds anything…

I can have a bare glass ntag sitting in the hf trace and it just search’s and finds nothing

Once in a while a 1” sticker will say something like card didn’t answer call, but often won’t be found

An iso card sometimes reads and sometimes won’t

At some point I figured I’d try
“LF 14a reader”

To put it in a continuous read mode and try and find an implant or something… but it just immediately says card select failed…. That seems suspicious

But I’m out of my depth

for implants on the pm3 easy i used the bottom of the device and not the top of the gold traces themselves.
do hf 14a reader and put the next underneath it and move it round till you get consistent reads

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try looping hf search and moving the pm3 each time it doesn’t ready. Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to get the orientation right. And as mentioned previously, the hf antenna is actually on the bottom of pm3.

It’s struggling to even find a full size iso card it’s sitting on

Is that normal?

for a full sized card you may need to give it distance. too close is a problem sometimes

Ok, that explains the iso issues

But my glassies won’t stand a chance then

I have tried 40-50 times to get it to scan my Xsiid,
It lights up strongly showing I’m in the ballpark, and always fails

Did you try retuning the antennas?

You mean hw tune?
That doesn’t actually tune anything


Super simple and you have probably tried, but sometimes it is easy to overlook the basics.

Have you checked the screws are tight on the board?
Have you disassembled the PM3 and inspected solder joins and components etc?

What are your antenna readings? after boot, do the both display as OK

Im guessing fimware mismatch has been ruled out, this is a trick one.

I think what he means is, too close for a ISO card may cause issues, so use distance space to try and get a read on the cards, The Glassies dont have this same issue, so you dont need the same kind of seperation.
Personally I find I have to press quite hard on my implant to get a read, and my implants are not deep.

I know you have probably tried most if not all of this stuff, but you never know, something may work.