Hi I’m noob in need of help

Hi I’m interested in getting a chip implanted however not sure where to start. I’m planning to use it for my apartment building entrance & lift. What’s the process of cloning? Can all cards be cloned? What are the known limitations? Can I send you my card to have cloned to the chip before purchasing? Thanks, Flux

Unfortunately there is a lot to unpack there and none of it is user friendly… in short cloning is like hacking… it’s not how things are supposed to work and most cards cannot be cloned… but some can if you have the right card, target implant, and cloning equipment… it’s safe to say that the most popular cloning happening is an EM41xx or HID ProxCard II being cloned to an xEM (T5577 chip). The xEM can only hold one ID at a time so if you have different cards or tokens for various things then you’ll have to pick one.


Thanks for attempting to unpack it though. I see. Is it the case for all chips that they hold only one ID? I was anticipating requiring at least two chips. If I put my personal ID on one can that be used as a pass for say, my front door. Which I can pick the type of reader etc.

It is also important to know if your building uses High Frequency or Low Frequency. You can try to scan the Tag with the phone. The most High Frequency Tags could be read with the phone.

If they use High Freqeuncy you can talk with the house owner, if it is possible to add own tags. With one High Freqeuncy Tag like the xNT you can open several doors. The UID of the tag is added to the system.


Okay, so my iphone does register something as it tries to use payWave & my wallet comes up when placed near the reader. I have a HID iclass. How do I clone & which implant should I use? This would be the one I’d use most & the system is already in place. In the future I’ll add some readers around the house & get another implant.

TL;DR So, how do I clone HID iclass & to which implant?

NFC cards like the HID iClass that operate at 13.56MHz cannot be cloned because each chip has a unique identifier

This is where talking with the administrator of the access control system comes in. They need to enroll your implant in the system just like any other tag.

As for which implant will emulate that card, we really need more info. Download the TagInfo app from NXP and perform a “Full Scan”, then post screenshots

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