HiD Duoprox HF cloning

I’ve been posts on here about how Duoprox has both an HF and a LF side. I gather that you can simply clone the LF side with a proxmark, but I haven’t seen answers about the HF side.

I’m about to go into school in a couple months and I’ve found out that it uses Duoprox cards. I currently have an SIID and a NEXT. Will I need new implants if it uses the HF side? If not how could I go about cloning it?

I could be wrong on this, but I believe DuoProx is a bit different to the normal iClass dual frequency cards we see here.

Normally DuoProx is LF and a Magstripe - in which case anything you tap can be cloned to your NExT with a proxmark (or blue cloner), and anything you swipe the card through you’re out of luck.

Generally the hint is ‘Prox’ in the name which is what they called their LF stuff, then when it became trivial to clone they distanced themselves from it as much as they could.

Ah I see, thanks.

It seems like my particular college is using the magstripe portion for payment and RFID for access. So I guess I’m 50% covered.