HID iClass 6983 error (Authentication not possible) with Omnikey 5321

Hi I’m new to card cloning and I’ve been following the guide from Heart of Darkness. I’ve been trying to clone this HID iClass key fob but I got this error after following the steps:

  1. 80A60000 (select page)
  2. 808200F008[…leaked key] (load key)
  3. 808800F0 (authenticate)
    At step 3, the authentication fails.

    Could anyone please help me explain why this is happening? Thank you so much.

Not sure but sounds like your key is not valid? Seems pretty straightforward that if you are loading a key and attempting to auth with it but auth fails, well then the key is not correct.

Thanks for your reply! I can be fairly certain the key is correct as I took it from the twitter post by T0py. Could it be that it’s failing because of the hardware I’m using? I’m using OMNIKEY 5321 CLi USB.


Do you have any test cards you can write yourself? using your own key?

i.e. Can you get you software to work on something you set up and control?