HID iCLASS Card Cloning to Implant Chip


Hi! I’d like to clone my work badge’s proximity access function to an implantable chip, but I’m running into some potential roadblocks.

I used a HID OMNIKEY 5321 CLi v2 to verify the card identifies as an iCLASS 32KS (8x2KS+16KS). The markings on the card are “HID iCLASS Px G8Y”. The standard is ISO15693 operating at 13.56 MHz.

Looks like the xIC would work, except I’m concerned about the 112 byte memory since the card holds 4KB. However, it’s broken into 3 sections, so it’s possible the access function uses only one. The card is also a smartcard and can hold data which makes this more plausible. Still, seems like a potential size mismatch in addition to the difficulty in determining specifically which data are being used for door access.

This card is operating in HID Secure Mode, but I’ve found research offering ways around that. Cloning shouldn’t be an issue, aside from the potential shortage of capacity.

Has anyone had any experience dealing with cards like this?