HID iClass Config cards


I realize this is more general RFID stuff not specifically Dangerous Things but I know many of you on here have experience with this sort of stuff so I figured I’d ask anyways.

I have a HID Multiclass RMPK40 (not SE, it’s the OG multiclass from early 2000s) and I can get it to read pins from the keypad and Mifare Classic just fine. Issue is, it’s just not even outputting a 125k field. I’ve run the diagnostic card through it and the red LED for 13.56 lights up but the green one for 125k doesn’t. It also won’t beep with 5 Proxcards or my xEM. Since I got this from eBay I’m assuming there was some configuration on their end that they didn’t wipe out. So, does anybody know how I can acquire configuration cards for the multiclass readers? I’ve searched high and low on eBay and found nothing. I reached out to my rep from ADI and he’s going to reach out to HID but can’t guarantee much in way of availability/pricing/whatever.



Unfortunately I’ve got no help for you on this, way outside of my expertise. I’m curious though, is there a particular reason that you want to use this reader rather than one that is known to work well with the xEM?


Looks nice, I already use HID mode for work, having a keypad with it is nice, and since it’s Wiegand it’ll work with almost any Wiegand based security controller.


I’ve never worked with HID readers but my thought is that it’s likely the reader must be sent commands to enable various “modes”… so LF might not even be enabled on the reader, hence no 125khz field… but where to start or what commands to send… no idea.


Yes, this is the case. I’m in contact with reps from ADI and HID, I’ll update you on how this all goes and may supply others with these special cards if need be.


When you scan the card on android with something like NFC tools does the ID rotate each time?


I don’t know because I don’t have one yet. I believe it’s just a specially formatted Classic chip.


It depends on the model and HID is vague on purpose. My work HID card uses tokenization BUT you can add cards which don’t. So my xNT is happy