HID iClass DL to Magic Ring v2?

Does anyone know if it would be possible to copy a “HID iClass DL” card to the Magic Ring V2?

From my research, I understand it’s impossible to copy the “HID iClass DP” to a Magic Mifare 1k, but I’ve also read that the DL version was older.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to clone any version of iClass legacy credentials to the Magic Rings

Could go with a flexclass though… :classic_tongue:

Actually, maybe I’m wrong

It may be possible if you’re trying to use with an older system which still accepts non-SIO mifare classic cards, though I don’t know for a fact that’s actually a thing.

If you have a PM3, you could use the hf mf encodehid command to write the wiegand to the ring and then give that a try. The way I see it, why have the command if it doesn’t work with some reader somewhere? All I can tell you is that it doesn’t work with the one reader I have to test on.

Hopefully one of the excellent people on this forum with more HID reader experience can comment on the plausibility of this soon

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Totally is a thing! Along the same lines of downgrading iclass SE/legacy → legacy / hidprox it’s just transmuting the wiegand into a format the reader could be expecting as mifare classic is a chipset HID readers can take, and if enabled allows for this vector of downgrade to work.

If @Geekea wants to test I would recommend getting a magic card to try it with first before getting the ring.


Thank you guys for your replies!
I have a pm3 so I will try and hope the reader accepts it.

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This thread is quite “ripe” already and finised unexpectedly as many of them :pensive:

If @Geekea is still around, did you managed to get it working…?

Hey! Yes still around.
So my card is an HiD iclass card and sadly this can’t be copied to a MIFARE Classic 1K.

The “hf mf encodehid” command is used to encode a MIFARE Classic card to emulate certain HID Prox cards, specifically HID Prox II cards. But not an iclass card.

So instead I’ve bought a blank HiD iclass card and was able to copy my original card onto it.
I’ve been thinking about getting the chip from inside that card and trying to see how big it is to possibly try to integrate it into my watch wristband.

I wasn’t able to find any ring with HiD iclass chip. So I’m left waiting for maybe one day another version of the magic ring with that feature.
Also talking about wearables I don’t understand why nobody thought about making these chips into links for metal watch bands. That would be so easy to integrate with any watch.

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