HID iClass DY Clone?

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Okay! Starting this back up. I actually had my flexClass installed earlier today (using a slightly modified scalpel procedure. My doc didn’t have access to a dermal elevator, so used a crile hemostat to make space. Photos forthcoming) and am healing up now. I wasn’t able to get the HID readers to recognize the chip when it was in the vial, so I’m waiting a few more days for swelling to go down before giving it another go.


really? I can understand sometimes the flex lays on the far side of the vial, but did you get no response from it when laying on the near side and presented to the reader?

No, but I also haven’t focused a whole bunch of time on this project. Next steps is to re-try cloning the OG card to the flexClass once swelling goes down (and also talking to the ID card office at my college)

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Okay. I’ve gotten my PM3Easy to recognize it. We’re off to the races!

One question: following @amal’s guide, shouldn’t there be a hf iclass restore somewhere in there?

Hmm if you wanted to restore the dump I guess yeah that’s the way. I think the focus was on how to write the blocks manually so people know what’s happening, but yeah I think a dump restore could do it…


I’m not sure yet if a dump restore of a chip that has its “fuses blown” might also blow the “fuses” of the flexClass if those bytes are part of the dump… so beware!

So it seems the safest way to do this is block by block, yes?
Are there any blocks I should avoid changing at all costs?

Generally speaking you should only really need to copy block 6 and 7 and nothing else for iClass. @leumas95 might be able to shed more light on it but that’s my understanding.

Success! One of the doors I’ve tried with the flexClass worked. Waiting for swelling to go down before worrying about the other readers.



This was a triumph.

I’m making a note here; “Huge success”.

It’s hard to overstate My satisfaction.




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Some more details before I forget them (posting this for me in the future and anyone interested):

  • I ended up cloning block 6 through block 16 manually, all of which had data in it. All the remaining blocks after that were blank.
  • The reader I was able to get to read my implant was an HID reader, I think the RW100.
  • I was unable to get a read on a reader that was marked as “Driven by CBORD”. I also didn’t try for a super long time, as that reader was in a high-traffic area and I didn’t want to hold up the line to get in and out of that door.
  • Next up for testing is the multiclass HID readers. I don’t expect any issues.
  • There’s also a few Schlage door locks that use the same card for access. I’m not sure I have access with my card to them now, but I’ll give it a try and report back.

The plot thickens!

Two of the readers I’ve tried seem to not be recognizing the flexClass. One is marked as "“Driven by CBORD” and looks suspiciously like a HID RP40.
The second is a reader I haven’t seen before. It’s by a company called rfIDEAS, and they market the reader as a “WAVE ID® Mobile Reader for HID Mobile Access®”, though some googling says the model looks closer to this.

Are they looking at the UID? Is it possible to change block 0 on the flexClass?

From what I understand, iclass readers don’t use uid for authentication no

probably yes… and the system is configured to allow UID from those readers only

Hey man. i just got to my university and my card is an HID iClass DY card with an XT in the top right. Is that what yours was? If so, how do i clone it? I’m new to this rfid cloning stuff.

It’s easiest to just ask the student ID card office to register your iclass implant. They will think your crazy so I always open with “I know this is a crazy request, but I have an implant I’d like to try and register as my student ID” be nice and friendly with the desk person and they tend to be interested and willing to try it out. From my experiences at least.