HID iClass DY Clone?

The school I am going to in the fall uses HID iClass DY chips for access control. I can’t get a lot of information about them (LF or HF). I’m currently shopping for an implant and would like something that will work with this kind of chip. I’m happy to spend some money and learn some technical stuff to get it to work, but I need a push in the right direction to know what to look for. Any ideas/thoughts/suggestions?

Well, iClass,I would be guessing HF.

So since you want to learn, Normally, if you are ever uncertain, and go around in circles on the internet.

The easiest thing to do would be to download TagInfo

If you get a read on your phone the it is HF

If not, then likely LF.

If you really want to learn, and are willing to put a little time and money into it.

Grab yourself a ProxMark3

In the mean time, grab yourself TagInfo (Apple has it also) ,
scan you card and come back to us with your results.

Oh also, the search function works well here on the forum

I wouldn’t normally use such a specific search term, I just know there are some threads that will/ should give you the push you asked for.

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Thanks! As of an hour and a half ago, I am officially a cyborg. NeXT was the chip of choice.

I also did some recon and discovered that the college’s access system is HF, but unreadable from my phone. So now we play the waiting game of either trying to sweet talk my college into adding my chip into the system, or getting the card and learn some more via a proxmark.

FYI, if the system is DESFire, and which it possibly is, it likely will not work. But if it was, you should have gotten a reading on your phone though.

How did you find out it is HF?

Yep, I’m aware with the issue with DesFire. I borrowed a friends card who goes there and was unable to read it with my iPhone SE 2.

I used the DT field detector card on one of the entries to a building on campus.

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Its not on “the list”

But, Looks like it should have worked

The top edge of iPhone is where the NFC Antenna is

Could you convince them to install NFC Tools and scan it with their phone and share with you the results

I’ve had decent luck with the SE 2 on other chips. It’s basically an iPhone 11 in the case/screen/home button of an iPhone 8. It’s able to do background tag reading without any issues. I’ve used it on tags and on my recently installed NeXT, and it reads a-ok. When I tried to read the card with TagInfo, I got nothing.

I’m happy to ask them, but they have the same iPhone I think. I can also give it another go when I see them next.

I think I see a Proxmark in my future. Is an easy okay, or should I be getting an rdv4?

A PM3 Easy is all you really need, the Lf antenna is not as good as the DT LF antenna for the RDV4, but plenty of people get by without it…

Sounds good. It’s a good 4 1/2 months until I move onto campus, so I think I may end up tabling this project while I wait. In the meantime, let’s see how many friends I can rickroll with this thing…

By the way, @Pilgrimsmaster, your profile photo is FANTASTIC.

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I would say either get the Proxmark3 Easy from Dangerous Things, or if you think you will be using it a lot more then consider the RDV4.

The Easy works for me and there are several antenna hacks if you search the forum.


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@philidelphiaChickens if you’re going to school in Philly, I’m nearby and can help out. I have some proxmarks and knowledge.


I’m actually not from Philly at all. Username is based off of a kids book and song by Sandra Boynton. Maybe I should change it. But thank you for offering!


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Okay! Starting this back up. I actually had my flexClass installed earlier today (using a slightly modified scalpel procedure. My doc didn’t have access to a dermal elevator, so used a crile hemostat to make space. Photos forthcoming) and am healing up now. I wasn’t able to get the HID readers to recognize the chip when it was in the vial, so I’m waiting a few more days for swelling to go down before giving it another go.


really? I can understand sometimes the flex lays on the far side of the vial, but did you get no response from it when laying on the near side and presented to the reader?

No, but I also haven’t focused a whole bunch of time on this project. Next steps is to re-try cloning the OG card to the flexClass once swelling goes down (and also talking to the ID card office at my college)

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Okay. I’ve gotten my PM3Easy to recognize it. We’re off to the races!

One question: following @amal’s guide, shouldn’t there be a hf iclass restore somewhere in there?

Hmm if you wanted to restore the dump I guess yeah that’s the way. I think the focus was on how to write the blocks manually so people know what’s happening, but yeah I think a dump restore could do it…


I’m not sure yet if a dump restore of a chip that has its “fuses blown” might also blow the “fuses” of the flexClass if those bytes are part of the dump… so beware!

So it seems the safest way to do this is block by block, yes?
Are there any blocks I should avoid changing at all costs?