Cloning HID iclass DY help

hey there, so i am a very avid fan of yours! and i have a school id and i wanted to clone it to have a backup because i tend to miss place them!! the id i have is an HID ICLASS DY. so what do i need to get to clone that to another id … thanks!! links where to buy would be great!

Edit: what Philadelphia said down below XD

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hehe i got the fast typing nneoooooooooooooooom


You might be able to get away with a Proxmark Easy, depending on if the school is using the secure blocks of data on the DY cards. I had partial success cloning my iClass DY.

These might be helpful.

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Really? Why’s that?

giphy (5)

Is it because the DY has some kind of key in the reader but the output data could be put directly on the T5577 and the reader just passes that along all the same?

DY cards are all HF.

Yeah was confused there…

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seems the night and intoxication got to me. i was on about other type my bad

OP, follow philladelphia’s guide ignore me


ok is there a link that you can point me toward on where to buy everything and any vedios would be very helpful

Dangerous things sell the Proxmark3 Easy which is the device philladephia mentions

theres no videos as far as im aware but theres a community knowledgebase on here and discord who would be able to walk through it

(also the guide linked describes it well)

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RFID Hacking by Iceman server on discord is also a good resource for that type of stuff as well, especially for anything Proxmark related too as it’s run by the Iceman himself.

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Indeed! There is also the proxmark forum which is FULL of a TON of info that helped me along the way. Not nearly as active as the discord these days, but still an extremely valuable tool.

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One other note - before you go testing on a flexClass, you should get a few blank cards from RedTeamTools and a proxmark3 so that we know this will even work.

@NinjuhhNutz and I both have experience and can help you out on this.


yea definitely go that route with the redteamtools card(s). I let the smoke out of a few of them with all of my research and experimenting. At least then if you make uh oh’s like we did, at least do it on a cheap card vs a shiny new implant.