Hid prox card numbers

Ok so quick question anyone know if hid prox cards usually assigned in number order or does it depend on the companies database?

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To my understanding the number is not assigned to the card but comes pre-programmed, which is why the numbers are printed on them. Maybe in larger businesses with facility codes and badge printers they can program the cards and print the badge and numbers all at once, but for smaller outfits usually the facility code is just a prefix used by the card vendor and the cards are just read at the enrollment station.

Wasn’t thinking about the preprogrammed part lol. I asked because I programed my NeXT from the badge at my new job. I was struck by the fact that if who ever assigns cards just takes the top card in the box, does that mean in theory you could find out a facility number and program a chip with the FC and a low CN and I guess you would have to get lucky, but I feel like lower number cards would have gone to the higher ups in a company. That seems like a rather large hole in security.

absolutely. combine that with the fact most places are Wiegand 26 bit and you only need 3 bytes total (1 byte facility code, 2 bytes ID)… it is a joke straight out of the 1970s. Burn Wiegand to the ground. Go OSDP.


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