HID ProxPoint Plus 6005 or HID multiCLASS SE

I am a System Admin and we are building a new building.

I am able to make the decision on what we are doing for out Access Control between the HID ProxPoint Plus 6005 or the HID multiCLASS SE.

I have both an xNT and an xEM implanted and I’d like the new Access Control to work with one of my tags. The back end is an S2 NetBox Extreme controller.

Should we install the HID ProxPoint Plus 6005 or the HID multiCLASS SE???

HID ProxPoint Plus 6005

HID multiclass SE

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The iClass is 13.56mhz like the xNT, but it is not ISO14443A and uses a proprietary chip type. The ProxPoint is a 125khz reader and as long as it supports reading HID ProxCard II cards, you can clone one of those card types to the xEM and use it with this reader.

Thank you Amal. So the multiClass will not work with the xNT?

From their spec sheet, “Supports a variety of high frequency ISO 15693, ISO 14443A/B and low frequency 125kHz”
For the 125kHz it says HID Prox, AWID, Indala and EM4102.
For the 13.56 MHz it says ISO 14443A (MIFARE) CSN.

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To be clear, the xNT cannot act like an iClass HID chip. But, if the reader/system can read and use UIDs from “standard” ISO14443A chips, then the xNT and flexNT should work just fine. It will probably come down to configuring the system to accept “low security” UID serial numbers from ISO14443A chips, which is probably turned off by default… but if it’s saying it can use those chips then it should work just fine. I think the problem is, for most people who are not in control of the systems they try to interact with, they attempt to use the xNT with an HID iClass reader and it fails because the company has just gone with the default “high security” configuration, which only supports iClass chips from HID (even though these aren’t really all that secure).