HID reader and xMagic questions

I had it implanted today. For the moment, the HID reader does not detect it at all, but I hope that in a few days yes… I have seen a lot of photos where you can see the implant through the skin but not mine. I’m afraid he put it too deep in my hand because even when I press I can’t see anything.

Someone to reassure me?


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its just been implanted today you should give it a good few days 1-2 weeks would be perfect to the let the internal swelling go down. it may not feel like there’s much but there will be a lot of site trauma and blood your body is reorganising to heal you.

what is it you’re trying to get the hid reader to scan, the high frequency or low frequency portion? and have you correctly uploaded the relevant chip info to that side of your chip


More than likely swelling around the implant. Can take up to a couple weeks for it to subside enough to get consistent reads. I have 2 implants that can easily be seen without poking them, but I have 4 others that can’t be seen but work perfectly fine!

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I just have to ask, did you clone an HID prox to it yet? If not, it’s in EM mode by default so the hid reader won’t read that. Just had to check ya know :wink:


Hello @Equipter

This is my first implant. So I’m a beginner…

  • I tried to swipe my implant all over the reader and normally, when an official badge is detected, but not integrated into the system, it should “beep” and change color. Nothing happens on the reader with my implant…
  • I haven’t been able to write anything on it yet. I tried to copy my official badge with my phone but it doesn’t work, because, I believe, it is waiting for a gen2.
  • So, I tried to integrate my implant directly into the system, from the HID Omnikey reader (picture). He doesn’t detect the implant either. Yet my phone detects it every time unlike yesterday.

Hello @amal,
No. I bought a white card from ksec, as @Pilgrimsmaster told me on another thread. I manage to copy my official badge on the card very well and it works very well. But it’s a gen2 card :sweat_smile:
Can I change the EM mode of the reader, so that it works with my implant and still with the classic badges?
If yes, how can I do?

it could very well be that your implant is having its already limited range obstructed by your still healing hand, is your omni key attempting to enroll the high frequency or low frequency side, and if its the high frequency side is your omni key expecting a mifare classic.

the alternative is its too deep to get reads, i know the hid reads can couple with series I’ve done it maself

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So a direct swap to a FlexM1 gen2 would be your best bet.
DT have no gen2 xSeries

Its unlikely (but still possible) that the reader could have an issue with a gen1a.
So a FlexM1 gen1a should also work.
Therefore xMagic COULD also work, however, the issue could just be the reader not being able to couple with the xMagic.

You may need to have a closer look at the reader and antenna placement.
Have you done orientation tests with the xFDs

The xMagic was only recently released, yours was installed 1 day ago…!!!

realistically, you need to wait around 2 weeks before getting accurate results and normal expected performance

I think omni is HF, because i tried with the DT card on the reader and the HF led is on.


Equipters statement is correct and definately possible, but Swelling/inflamation is more likely your issue, so no need to cry.

Just wait 2 weeks, and try again, THEN if it doesnt work, feel free to cry :unicorn_crying:

I tried, and nothing happens… But with the DT card yes, in HF.

Yes, yesterday at Body R Evolution shop in France. Ok, I’ll wait and hope it will work :confused:

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So, Samsung phone are better than a HID reader ? They have better receivers ?

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That depends on a few things
The reader
The phone
The chip and its form factor

Broad statement here, but I would say, Yes, phone is a “better” reader than a HID reader.
However, this is ONLY because the readers are made to operate with Full sized cards or worst case a key fob.
So they (HID and other wall readers) dont care how deep their antennas sit, so.long as they can read those form factors.
Whereas, your phone is made to be as a slim form factor, which means the NFC antenna is generally just below the surface.

The biggest difference between the 2, is the power output.
A phone can’t compete with a wall reader, but I would suggest, the odds are still in the phones favour, because there is still some power, and the antenna is simply closer.

this may be of interest


Little update of the day.
Today I managed to copy my official badge on the implant with the flipper zero :partying_face:
The enrollment reader works fine. My implant is read every time on it, and he recognizes my identity :grin:
Only the biggest problem remains, the HID R10 reader which cannot read my implant.



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There are a few versions of this reader and I’ve never had an easy time with them. You have to run your implant along the very side edges of the reader, and sometimes I had to take the blue cover off to get reads. It’s just not a good reader for implants.

Sorry I was misunderstanding… I thought this was an HID Prox system which is 125kHz low frequency… you can ignore the EM mode issue, that is the T5577 chip in the xMagic (125kHz) but you’re dealing with the mifare 1k side of things.

Hello @amal, I have my implant for two weeks now. The enrollment reader omnikey can read it perfectly, like it’s my official badge, but the R10 hid reader still doesn’t react at all. I have the vauban system with the visor software. Do you think you can help me make it work ? I’m happy to have it but sad that it doesn’t work.

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If one HID reader can see it, but the other doesn’t, it’s down to reader config. You’ll need to use readerman or a config card to change it.

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2 weeks is our arbritatry period of time we suggest, some people heal faster than others, some slower…
2 weeks IS a good and realistic time frame, but performance will still continue to get better for a period after

You may be having a physics problem

A quick “google” tells me this is what the internals of an R10 reader looks like


Can you try your xFD in the area of the antenna and see if it will light up, and if it does take note of the orientation and the duty cycle.

Then try your implant in the same orientation, and make sure when you when you move, do so very slowly.

Try perpendicular to the antenna, like any of these

A slow swipe across the face may also yeild results ( I have successfully used this techniquie myself on stubborn readers )

Can you get a spare reader, or are you able to remove the cover and get direct access to the antenna rather than trying to read through the plastic cover? ( at least for your testing)