HID reader not reading T5577 clone

Hello y’all,

Is it possible to have HID reader (LF) detect the chipset and reject T5577/non-HID keys?

This access system is rejecting my Xmagic, but the proxmark is reading them as the same UID/facility code/raw/…


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maayyyybe but unlikely. are you sure your reader and source device are not multi-frequency and it’s maybe reading the HF component instead?


On closer inspection, the card are dual frequency, so I cloned the LF … I didn’t check for hf :roll_eyes:

Some reader say iClass and HF only, reading the iCLASS Px card
Some reader say HID and LF only, the xMagic work on those …

A dual frequency facility, don’t come across that every day :sweat_smile:

Thanks for making me take a step back and looking at it in more details