HID Writer/Reader

Is there anyway I can get the handheld scanner in this video that was in this video? I know the original listed one was removed for some issues with the EM readers, but I want to only use it for HID/RFID cards. Also, could someone reply to this with some explanation on what all cards this works on, I do not want to buy something with little knowledge. Thank you

The problem doesn’t really have anything to do with that cloner specifically or even EM mode vs HID mode. Definitely check out this thread: https://forum.dangerousthings.com/t/quirks-of-the-t5577-cloning-tags-to-the-xem

In short, the cloner can read HID ProxCard II cards and EM41xx cards, then set the ATA5577 analog settings to the appropriate configuration to emulate the desired card type, then write the ID into memory.

If you don’t have a good coupling during this write process, the ATA5577 can “tear” and you may end up with a bricked tag. Definitely read the thread.